Generally, apps are designed to make our lives easier.  And often they are used to supplement some software that you have on your desktop or your laptop computer.  But not these.  The apps listed below are some pretty amazing apps specifically geared towards those who are into music and videos.  You can use these apps as standalone without needing additional desktop software.  Pretty amazing, right?  Read through and find out for yourself.



Korg Gadget: Best iOS Music Making App

With over 20 miniature synths and a fantastic music production workflow, Korg Gadget is the best when it comes to music making apps on iOS.  Each synth has its own flavour, which gives you anything from drum machines and delicate bells to monster bass and searching chip-tune screeches.  To lay down tracks, you record live or tap out notes on a piano roll.  Your loops are then arranged into “scenes”, which enables you to construct entire songs in a manner that makes GarageBand’s equivalent features seem extremely archaic.

model 15

Model 15: Best iOS Synth

One of the best things about iOS has been developers enabling you to get your hands on recreations of classic synths for peanuts.  You might think that’s a ludacris statement given the cost, but that’s a far cry from the hardware reissue that was priced at approximately $10,000.  And what you get for your money, is, the best synth on the platform.  Model 15 is a superb mix of the old and the new.  For modular synth aficionados there are hours of joy to be had messing with virtual patch leads.  But if you want to bypass such fiddling around, you can delve into loads of superb presets.  And, the app even works pretty well on an iPhone.

fugue machine

Fugue Machine: Most Innovative iPad Music App

With Fugue Machine describing itself as a “tool inspired by composition techniques used in Baroque music and Serialism”, anyone lacking a classical music bone might feel ready for a little snooze.  But, you shouldn’t be so quick to dismisse Fugue Machine.  Why?  It’s a hypnotic and brilliant music-creation app.  You get up to four playheads that can ping back and forth over notes tapped out on a piano roll.  Pitch, speed and direction can be adjusted for each, and interactions between the playheads allow melodies to form.   If you’ve never used an app like this, you will be amazed at how quickly you can create some beautiful music.  And for those of you veteran music creators, you will love how you can route each playhead to other apps and devices.  This is definitely one everyone should get.

bias fx

BIAS FX: Best iPad App for Guitarists

You’re probably wondering how you can play a guitar on your iPad.  And you’re not off base with your thought.  But BIAS FX, lets you connect your guitar to your iPad using an iRig or JAM.  With this app you will gain access to both amp and stomp box set ups.  Giving you the ability to do some pretty neat things, that the most seasoned guitarists would struggle to do.  While the app doesn’t give you the tactile quality of actual pedals, the sounds definitely make up for this.


KRFT: Best iOS Virtual Instrument

KRFT gives you the ability, not only to make music, but also to ability to choose the instrument you use to compose.  There is a small selection of geometric shapes that can be used to trigger samples, loops and effects.  The end result gives you a pretty futuristic sound, while at the same time, giving you a playful nod to retro gaming.


djay Pro: Best iOS DJ App

Whether you’re in the mood to DJ your friend’s party, or to jump around your living room alone, djay Pro is for you.  You get four decks, video support and a ton of buttons and sliders for all kinds of things.  You can mix with job wheels or delve into waveforms, adding sync and cue points.  Effects can be applied using X-Y pads, and if you’re feeling lazy, sync buttons will make the app deal with tricky beat matching.   This isn’t a great app for the iPhone, due to it’s size.  So we recommend getting the iPad version.


Cesium: Best iPhone Music Player

If you’re not a fan of the iOS Music app, you’re not alone.  Enter Cesium.  It gives you an old school music player with a modern design with iOS.  The result is an app that gives you quick access to artists, songs, albums and playlists.  It’s extremely straightforward and intuitive.


iMovie: Best iOS Consumer Video Editor

Video editing has come a long way over the past twenty years.  Which means, iMovie and your iOS device is enough to let you edit and share 4K videos.  Kind of crazy, don’t you think?  Which is why iMovie is such a great app.  You can quickly cut footage, integrate transitions, add a soundtrack, and send the results to everyone you know.  It kind of sounds too good to be true.  But it’s not.


Pinnacle Studio Pro: Best Pro Video Editor

If you’re looking for something that emulates your desktop, you should try Pinnacle.  There is a bit of clutter to the interface, and it lacks some elegance compared to iMovie.   However, it goes beyond what iMovie can offer.  Once you open a clip, you can pre-trim, marking in and out points, before sending it to the storyboard.  Below the thumbnail strip there is a traditional timeline for fine tuning etc.  Which makes it perfect for those times when you need to add a soundtrack and loads of effect to your video.


LumaFX: Best Video Fixer

LumaFX lets you fix things that inevitably go wrong when you’re filming.  Like what?  Perhaps you held your iPhone in the wrong direction so everything is playing sideways.  Or your footage ends up with a colour cast that makes everyone look, well, less than attractive.  LumaFX lets you flip, reorient and rotate footage.  You can also adjust speed and aspect ration and apply all kinds of effects.  Regardless of what you want to do, LumaFX is what you need to be using.

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