macOS High Sierra

MacOS High Sierra

If you’re running some of Apple’s older apps, they may no longer work with macOS High Sierra.  macOS 10.13 High Sierra is the latest version of Apple’s operating system for Macs.  It will be arriving later this year, and as with any major system release, some things are getting left behind.  If you’re a long time user of Apple’s suite of legacy professional apps, you’ll need to make arrangements to transition to new apps if you plan on using High Sierra.

So what will no longer work?

Final Cut Studio:

  • DVD Studio Pro
  • Soundtrack Pro
  • Color
  • Cinema Tools

Logic Studio:

  • Soundtrack Pro
  • WaveBurner
  • Studio Instruments
  • Studio Effects
  • Apple Loops
  • Apple Loops Utility
  • Impulse Response Utility

Apple Pro Apps

Logic Studio apps, which included Logic Pro, Mainstage, Apple Loops Utility, and more, eventually gave way to Logic Pro X.  Which is an updated version of Mainstage.  Most of the Final Cut Studio apps, similarily, have also fallen away.  They are now supplanted by Final Cut Pro X.  But Motion and Compressor are still regularly updated.

In addition to these pro apps, you’ll also need the following versions of Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Compressor, Logic Pro X and Mainstage to ensure compatibility with macOS High Sierra:

  • Final Cut Pro X 10.3.4 or later
  • Motion 5.3.2 or later
  • Compressor 4.3.2 or later
  • Logic Pro X 10.3.1 or later
  • MainStage 3.3 or later

If you’re running an earlier version – and can’t update for some reason – don’t update your Mac to macOS high Sierra.  Apple issued the following to those using older versions of the applications:

“Our records show that you may be using applications included in Final Cut Studio. We wanted to share some important compatibility information about these applications and macOS High Sierra, which will be available this fall.

Older versions of Apple pro video applications — including applications in Final Cut Studio — will not launch on a computer running macOS High Sierra.

New versions of Apple pro video applications — including Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, and Compressor 4 — are compatible with macOS High Sierra. You can purchase these applications on the Mac App Store.

You can learn about transitioning from older versions of Final Cut Pro to Final Cut Pro X here.
For more information about compatibility of Apple pro applications on macOS High Sierra, please view this support article.


Are we really surprised about this?  These are older versions of these apps.  And there are new versions available.  This happened with some of the iOS apps when they moved from 32 to 64 bit versions.  They would no longer work.  So you have to find a new version.  And in this case, there is one.  Apple continues to update and grow their products, so these kinds of changes only make sense.  In order to provide the best possible experience for you, Apple makes those changes.  Which does make some people mad.  And I can understand that.  But do you want to be using dated technology?  I can see the benefit of upgrading, but I would also be annoyed if I was forced to do so.

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