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I literally think we are living in an alternate universe right now.  Or maybe it’s just me.  I mean, in what world could we possibly imagine that Donald Trump would be the President of the United States for a second term?  If you’re like me, you probably can’t imagine him having been the President for as long as he has.  Let alone an entire term.  Or a second term for that matter.  But, according to Steve Bannon he is predicting that Trump is going to get reelected in 2020.  What’s worse, is that he’s predicting a landslide.  A landslide, Bannon?  What are you basing this information on?  Literally, a rock would have a better chance of winning the election, in my opinion.

If, Donald Trump does get re-elected in 2020, I will write a follow up post to this one.  But as of this day, in 2017, I don’t feel like that’s a possibility.  Take away all the crappy things that he’s done.  Or that have been done since he’s become elected and what do you have?  Nothing.  Literally nothing because he hasn’t done anything.  The only way he’s claiming to “Make America Great Again” is by shutting down any notion of diversity.  Which Bannon speaks to in his interview, but in a less favourable way.  I’m honestly concerned about Bannon though.  What is giving him this impression?

Bannon’s argument is that Trump “triggers” the left.  Which causes them to act irrationally.  And if they’re going to act that way, they can’t defeat him.  Basically he’s saying that the lefties are crying in the corner and they can’t stand up to Trump.  Is that even true?  There’s an argument that Trump won the election on a technicality.  The technicality being that there were several hacks perpetrated (allegedly) by Russians to help Trump get elected.  So what does that have to do with the left?  I’m kind of heated about this, so I am going to refrain from saying some things, but my opinions on this are very strong.

bannon and trump

Charlie Rose then asked why Trump is at a 30 something percent approval rating.  And Bannon’s answer?

I think he’s at 36 or 38 percent because we haven’t gotten the wall built, we haven’t… If you just go through and just do the Trump program that he laid out and just punch those things out, you’re going to do fine, you’re going to be at your 47 percent.

For real, Bannon?  I’m not going to speculate on that percentage, as I don’t have enough information to be able to give that kind of data.  But I will say this.  Do you really think that Trump is going to get the support he needs to build the wall?  How much money went to Hurricane Harvey relief from the Federal Government?  How much additional money will go to Hurricane Irma relief?  Let’s put this into perspective shall we?

Trump asked Congress for $7.85 billion as part of the initial requests related to Hurricane Harvey.  That’s billion, with a “b”.  In addition, the White House has plans to request an additional $6.7 billion to replenish the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Disaster Relief Fund.  That’s to replenish folks.  So how much can we anticipate in light of Irma?  That number is unknown.  We do know, it will cost approximately $3.9 billion (again, with a b) to build Trump’s wall.  He’s even threatened that he would rather see the government shut down than to not have this wall.  Does that even make sense?  How many people would that put into unemployment, even if it’s just temporary?  How many more people would that affect?  None of this makes sense.

Which is why I can’t understand how or where Bannon is coming up with this prediction, or even these numbers.  I think I’m so worked up about this because it could happen.  I live in a world where I hope that this isn’t the case, but I could see it.  I mean, it actually happened (kind of) already.  So what’s to say that it won’t again?  The sad thing about all of this is Hillary Clinton.  I mean, literally no one wants her to run again.  And that’s kind of sad.  Is it just her?  Or is it women altogether?  Is America not ready for a female President?  Are we that sexist?

America is extremely divided right now.  I hope that Bannon’s prediction doesn’t come true.  I’m optimistic that there will be enough change over the next couple of years that this won’t happen.  But I’m also terrified that it will.  I will leave you with some final remarks from Bannon in that interview:

Bannon: Is that it’s hammering through what it’s trying to hammer through to deliver on the promises that President Trump made to the American people when he campaigned. And if he just continues to go down that path and punch out those promises he made, he’s going to win… we’re going to win in 18… we’ll pick of 6 or 7 senate seats. I think we’ll pick up a couple seats in the House, and we’re gonna win in a huge landslide in [20]20.

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