There are many places to spend you hard earned cash and harder earned free time. Washington DC is a small big place. It’s a city that is night life everywhere. You can catch live Jazz at Salon in Georgetown. Get a poetry reading at Bus Boys in Dupont or a concert at The Town Center in Rockville. Ok, that last one was reaching but never the less it is a great spot and only 20mins out on the very clean metro.

The gem and new place in DC is really easy to reach and very well located. It is right in Chinatown across the Verizon Center. The location is what is happening now in DC. This is the hot spot. If you are not here early like 9pm. You can expect to wait online for a long wait. Reservations are a must if you plan on getting a table. Although an oversight is that they are not on OpenTable. The bar has one very big screen (projector) and multiple LCD HD TVs everywhere.

The food is great and the service is even better than some 5 star restaurants. Why am I writing about this place? Besides it is a great place to visit if in DC; it reminds me of Toga in Atlantic City. Same VIP feel throughout and great food only within the casinos. The tech it takes to run the boards is astonishing. A must see.

By Rubens Saintel

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