It’s not hard to catch an attitude in a relationship because we are extra receptive to what our partner says and does. In other words, we care more so therefore it affects us more. Sometimes it is deserved and can help you get under the skin of other issues that maybe going on in the relationship. Most of the time though we are getting upset over non issues that only become big issues because of attitude. Attitude puts people in defensive mode. It’s not a good look for a relationship. Here are some ways to that you can avoid the drama:

[I] Don’t say you are going to call back if you are not
This happens all the time. You are out and you know you are should call but you out it off till later. That is what you tell yourself. What ends up happening is that you forget. I am sure that has happened to you before. When she gets an attitude, don’t even try to make an excuse. I know that you are thinking. Yes, it’s not an excuse to you but at the end of the day you gave your word and didn’t cash that check. Now at the same time ladies you know we forget and should in my option give us a little slack once in a while.

[II] Twitter Bombs
Repeat after me “Facebook and Twitter are not real. They are a virtual escape and does not represent my partner.” Now you should always remember that. There is however a unless. If there is an obviously problematic post you must speak up but do it maturely. Some guy commenting on your girls profile picture will happen. She looks good that is one of the reasons you are with her. No need for drama. Now ladies if your man sends a tweet that was on his mind, there is no need to be hostile.  The electronic world is not real but can have real effects on your relationship if you let it.

[III] Make time for time
I’m a workaholic and time is at a minimum. Yes, I know you’re my girlfriend but I do want to spend sometime with my friends too. So if I say that I am working late leads to when you’re not working you are not here then there are other issues that need to be discussed. Now that does not mean that I will spend my every free moment with the fellas. Now guys what that means is you should have an understanding around your work schedule with your lady. Make a date night or something. You should never too busy for each other

[IV] Case of the ex
If you are a decent person then most likely you will date decent people. Not everyone hates their ex. In fact there is a large number of people who are very close to their execs. That does not mean you to throw that in the face of your current. Now on the flip side of that. The near mention of her or his name should not send you into a rage. You are not the Incredible Hulk. You are smarter than that.

[V] Text be gone
We are not living in the early 90’s. That being said, you should have some phone etiquette and respect. You should not be texting anyone really past 11pm. Your friends will understand you are with your partner. While at the dinner table with your partner. Who are you texting? I read a tweet that said. “Don’t trust someone who has no text history.” There is a lot of wisdom in that statement. Why do you need to clear your text history? This is not one of damn if you do damn if you don’t things. It is just a matter of respect. If you text do it respectfully and honestly.  Text is a sure-fire way to have attitude fly your way.

By Rubens Saintel

Proud father, #Haitian, photographer, consultant, writer & entrepreneur. I love video games, movies, plays, technology (surprise), beta testing apps and all things sci-fi. | |