Dating now a days is similar to jumping out of a plane. Its exhilarating, you are taking what could be a life changing step also it shows tremendous trust and faith in the person who packed your gear. Alright I could be over reacting but never the less; its scary out there. To attempt to connect with someone you just met is not an easy task. You have dinner, movie and maybe drinks after to make an impression. That is roughly five hours to convince someone that you are worth seeing again.

Sometimes 1st dates a rigged to fail because of expectations. I’ll skip physical stuff. You should have filtered that out before you agreed to the date. I’ve found people go on dates for a few reasons. They use dates to try to get over their ex but that mindset shows they are not ready. They could be seeking that special someone to form a committed relationship or looking anyone to form relations with. Friends with benefits while a good movie does not end with a happy ending in real life. So how do you know if the 1st date is going well and if theres any hope for a future with this person? Here are some red flags to look for so you can avoid wasting your time on a needless 2nd date.

[I] I don’t think so
Its the 1st date and the topic of sex has come up more than an episode of MTV’s Skins. Even if it’s discreet. This is still a red flag with an alarm blaring. If you’re in it for a quickie then continue as you were otherwise it’s time to form an exit strategy. Go to the restroom, call a friend and have them call you back in 10 minutes.

[II] It’s all about me
I’m all for confidence but not at the expense of conversation. If halfway through the date you know everything just short of their DNA than thats a problem. Not only does it not leave room for discovery but shows how most of your interactions will go. So unless you are equally sharing information or one sided conversations don’t bother you than ignore this red flag.

[III] Case of the Ex
Talking about the ex is part of getting to know someone. You have to know if there is some drama or baggage in the persons past. However there are limits to how much and how often this information is shared. If they keep talking about the ex even after you try to change subjects; chances they’re still stuck on the ex. Skip the drama.

[IV] Date with phone
Texting, talking, updating Facebook or tweeting should not occur at all. This is very rude and shows that their focus is not on you. In which case, why are they out with you then? Emergencies happen but for the most part they don’t.

[V] Love at 1st sight, literally
If wedding talk is part of the conversation. They are most likely a commitmentaholic. They are desperately looking for a relationship regardless who it is. Desperation is not sexy. On the first date it’s unacceptable.

By Rubens Saintel

Proud father, #Haitian, photographer, consultant, writer & entrepreneur. I love video games, movies, plays, technology (surprise), beta testing apps and all things sci-fi. SaintelDaily.com |AppleWatch101.com | NBA101.com