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A new CNN advertisement appears to be taking aim at the President. They debuted the new ad campaign in a Facebook post. Which is an interesting platform, but also very calculated in my opinion. The video appears to be calling Donald Trump out on “fake news”. The advertisement states:

“This is an apple. Some people might try to tell you that it’s a banana. They might scream, ‘banana, banana, banana,’ over and over and over again. They might put BANANA in all caps. You might even start to believe that this is a banana. But it’s not. This is an apple.”

This is subtle enough, but at the same time, it screams a very loud message. Trump has accused CNN of being an outlet for fake news, so it only makes sense that they’re coming back with their own message. The slogan of the ad campaign is “facts first”. Trump has stated that he would consider revoking their broadcast license if they continue to publish unflattering reports. His focus has primarily been on CNN, but he has attacked some other networks more recently.

CNN doesn’t have to make things up. They are a reputable media outlet, which is why this advertisement is so funny. Or at least I think its funny. It’s also such a simple message. Don’t let people try to tell you things that aren’t true. Know the facts. I would go one step further and suggest that CNN is telling you that they have the facts, and don’t listen to what you are being told. Do research on your own. It’s better to ask what might appear like a stupid question than to assume something is true.


Trump hates CNN so much that he retweeted an image of a “Trump train” running over a person wearing a CNN logo. Of course, he deleted that tweet shortly after. What might be the funniest part about the entire fake news engine is that Trump himself stated: “write whatever they want to write, and people should look into it”. Yes, Mr. President, they should look into it. How delusional are you? When they do look into it, they will quickly realize (hopefully) that Trump is spewing garbage.

Or are all the media outlets out to get Trump? That’s likely an argument that we will hear in the next few months if he hasn’t already taken that stance. Not only that, because of Trump driving this fake news train, 46% of people who were recently surveyed believe that mainstream media outlets fabricate fake news stories about Trump. How outrageous, and sad is that? That was a Politico/Morning Consult poll. Which Trump has now tweeted about. What’s next?

I think the CNN advertisement is hilarious and clever. It’s very direct and hammers home the point about doing your due diligence to understand the facts. At what point do we start to realize what the problem is? How long will people continue to bury their heads in the sand before they understand what is really happening?


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