With so many movies devoted to aliens, why haven’t we found any yet?  Not only that, but so many people believe that they already exist and that we have continual contact with them.  Scientists believe that alien civilizations exist somewhere out in deep space, and yet we haven’t discovered them yet. One former NASA scientist has come forward to suggest that extraterrestrials haven’t contacted Earth because they are probably living at the bottom of a frozen ocean on a distant water world.

Alan Stern, who works at the Southwest Research Institue in Texas gave a speech at the 2017 Division for Planetary Sciences last week to discuss the Fermi Paradox, which questions why we haven’t found aliens when it’s so likely that they exist somewhere in our gigantic universe. The theory, according to Stern, is that the majority of worlds with biology and civilizations are under oceans of water.  Is that the reason that we haven’t discovered aliens?

Stern believes that these water worlds are likely to be extremely cold, meaning that aliens are probably beneath a thick crust of ice that makes it impossible for us to contact them.  Is that even possible?  Are they aliens then?  Or some kind of underwater creature?  Stern contends, “water worlds are naturally cut off from communication by their interior nature below a thick roof of ice or rock and ice, therefore do not easily reveal themselves”.  Which also makes you wonder how sophisticated they are?


Scientists believe that the majority of habitable worlds in the universe are likely to be almost entirely covered in water, which could mean the creatures that live on them are more likely to look like fish than humans.  Earlier in the year, Dr. Fergus Simpson from the Institute of Cosmos Sciences at the University of Barcelona used a complex form of math called Bayesian probability to predict the surface of most planets is likely to be closer to 90% in terms of being covered in water.

Simpson believes fish-like aliens are unlikely to be very advanced.  Simpson states, “the main reason I’m skeptical about there being lots of intelligent underwater alien species is that I think it’s harder for aquatic creatures like dolphins to use tools or build a fire”.

But the Earth does have a lot of water.  Or does it?  Water on Earth only makes up about 30% of the surface.  Which means there is a greater land mass.  This could be the reason why it was easier for life to evolve on our planet than it can on other planets.  It’s also unknown how long these planets have been around.  It’s taken millions of years for humans to evolve to what we are today, so perhaps some of these planets are still “young”?

I’m a bit skeptical of this idea.  While I am not naive to believe that we are the only planet with life, I’m also not convinced that there are aliens living under water somewhere.  And would we even call them aliens?  I guess I think of aliens as intelligent creatures who can do things.  Not just a foreign type of dolphin.  I am definitely interested in seeing where this goes and if there are any other theories out there that explain why we haven’t discovered aliens yet.

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