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I’m not sure how to react to this news.  On one hand, I’m thrilled that this might be happening, but on the other hand, I’m worried that I will wake up and this will all just be a dream.  House Democrats have introduced articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump.  What makes it sad is that they have acknowledged that their efforts have no chance of success while Republicans control both houses of Congress.  Which, is why there is no stopping Trump.  Unless his own “people” decide that he has to be stopped.  I would also like to point out that impeaching Trump would mean that Pence would step in, and that’s not necessarily an improvement.

Steve Cohen, D-Tennessee, introduced five articles of impeachment that include obstruction of justice for Trump’s decision to fire former FBI Director James Comey, two emoluments clause violations, undermining the independence of the federal judiciary and undermining the freedom of the press. Cohen had this to say about the impeachment articles, “the time has come to make clear to the American people and to this President that his train of injuries to our Constitution must be brought to an end through impeachment.” It was Cohen who had acknowledged the limitations of his proposal, stating, “I don’t expect the House judiciary committee, which is operated like a branch of the administration, to take up hearings.”

donald trump

Luis Gutierrez, D-Illinois summarized the President and his presidency in a humorous sort of way. “There are many reasons why I think the President is an awful President, an awful person, but not all those reasons rise to the level of impeaching a sitting President. We are not seeking his impeachment because of what he did before he was President.”  I think this is an important distinction to make.  Perception could be that he is being vilified based on things that happened before he became the President, or because of his character.  Gutierrez is saying that’s not the case.

But what I think is the funniest of this entire thing is the response that White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave.  She suggested that the time spent calling for Trump’s impeachment “would be better spent focusing on tax relief for American families and businesses”.  Are you laughing as hard as I am? I mean, Trump is the worst for wasting time.  How much time has he spent on golf courses since becoming president?  More specifically, taxpayer dollars were not only spent on his time but his security detail of him and his family. So yeah, this is funny to me.  We might also want to note in here how much time Trump spends on Twitter.  So who’s wasting time here?

The Republicans see this call for impeachment as radical.  And maybe it is, but Trump is getting close to some pretty blurry lines.  And the worst part is he thinks that he can just do whatever he wants.  Which is what the Republicans are telling him.  Rather than demonstrating that the system itself needs to be fixed, they’re letting him get away with whatever he wants.  Rather than trying to cross party lines and work together to get bills passed, they’re busy defending the president.  How absurd is that idea?  We shouldn’t have to live in a time where we are defending the actions of the President of the United States of America.  And I don’t mean, defending his actions to go to war, for example.  But defending his actions as a person and his character.

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