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With the holiday season fast approaching, you are probably wondering what to get the women in your life.  Everyone always says that buying gifts for women is extremely difficult so I am going to help make that process a little bit easier for you.  Whether you’re buying for your wife, your mother, your daughter, your girlfriend or your sister, there is something on this list for her.  Keep in mind this is a four-part series, so if you can’t find something on this first list, check out number two, three and four.  Without further ado…

Product Cost  Description

Moshi Digits – Touchscreen Gloves

moshi digits touchscreen gloves

 $29.95 It’s snowing as I write this post, so this is incredibly fitting. Gloves are imperative to keep your hands warm, but they don’t usually work well with smartphones. Which is a pain if you’re trying to talk to your friends, and it’s also cold outside. With Digits your girl can have it all – warm hands and the ability to stay connected to her friends or family.

These dual-layered touchscreen gloves are designed to go hand-in-hand with your mobile device. Each fingertip is made with a special conductive fiber that enables responsive and accurate gesturing on your smartphone or tablet. Digits also features a unique GripTrak™ pattern on the inside of each glove for a slip-free grip on both right and left-handed users. The soft microfleece inner lining provides enhanced comfort, and Digits are 100% hand-washable for easy maintenance and durability.

Native Union Night – iPhone Charger


native union iphone charger


I am a woman who is always in need of another charging cable for my iPhone. Why? Well, I’m constantly on the go, so I like to have charging cables in different rooms in my home, in my car, and even in both of my office locations. I also like really long cables because I don’t always have control over the location of a power outlet. Which is why I would love to get this super cute (and practical) charging cable in my stocking. Hint, hint, boyfriend.

Native Union’s NIGHT Cable is a 3-meter (10 ft.) Lightning-to-USB charge/sync cable with weighted anchor knot. Perfect for charging devices around the home, the extra length of the high-quality nylon braided cable means you can easily use your device while it’s connected. Plus, the weighted knot allows you to anchor the cable to any ledge, without it dropping to the floor. Extra-long cable means you can charge or sync your device while using it at the same time. The weighted knot rests on any ledge, anchoring the cable wherever you like. Easily adjust the position of the knot by sliding it along the cable, so it’s never in your way.

Kindle Loaded with eBooks



$119.99 I love to read. I haven’t been doing nearly enough of it lately, but I am definitely a sucker for a good book and a rainy day. If your girl is anything like me, then she will love a Kindle this holiday season. Not just a Kindle though, make sure you pre-load it with some pretty incredible books. Maybe some of her favorites?

If you’re unsure about which Kindle to choose from, the Paperwhite is Amazon’s best seller.

As far as which books she might want – that’s a bit more difficult. Thankfully, there are always opinions on the internet to help us out. Check out this resource that outlines 21 books from the last five years that every woman should read. Alternatively, you can check out this Cosmopolitan article if you’re interested in more recent novels for women. Either one makes me want to pick up and e-reader and go to town.

Away Suitcase – Smart Suitcase


$225 – $295 If the special woman in your life spends a lot of time traveling – whether it’s for personal reasons, or for business, you are going to want to get her a smart suitcase. More specifically one that comes equipped with a USB charging station so she can charge her devices while at the airport.

The brand “Away” provides a range of different sizes including two different carry-on suitcases. Two checked bag sizes and even a kids’ carry-on suitcase. None of these options are overly cheap though – and that’s ok. You’re getting the incredible convenience of having a battery pack built into your suitcase. Not only that, they come in some pretty sweet colors. A definite must for the modern day traveler.

Bellabeat – Smart Jewelry


$139.00 What girl doesn’t want jewelry this holiday season? And what girl doesn’t have a fitness tracker on her wrist? Well, now you can have them both. The Bellabeat smart jewelry collection allows you to track your fitness, your sleep, and how often you meditate. Bellabeat describes their jewelry as a way to find your true, powerful, healthy, confident and amazing self. That’s a tall order.

The LEAF comes in a silver and rose gold version. It can attach to your clothes via a clip, or be integrated into a bracelet or necklace. What’s neat about LEAF is that it is packed with highly sensitive movement sensors and a secure data backup that runs 24/7. And unlike its competitors, the battery lasts up to 6 months. Head over to their website soon, in order to get one for the woman in your life.

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