How to Create Well Optimized Content

We have discussed how to come up with ideas, and how to organize your ideas.  In this post, we will talk about how to optimize your content.  The words you use in your posts are incredibly important.  Search Engine Optimization will help people find your blog.  If the raison d’etre for your blog is technology, then you should write about technology.  Keywords and SEO are important to ensure that your blog flourishes.

google trends

Google Trends

Google Trends will allow you to see how popular the topic of your blog actually is.  You can run different keywords and phrases through the tool that you’re considering using.  Google Trends will let you know how popular it is.  Not only that, you can see what the top searches are on Google.  In the past 30 days, some of the top search topics include – Matt Lauer, Black Friday Shopping, and Christmas Trees.  The downside to Google Trends is that you can’t information more relevant than 7 days prior.  Which means you might not be blogging about the most up to date information.  That said, you can use this tool to help you see what people are talking about.  You can use that information to your advantage to get your blog out to the world.


Keyword Planner

We all have had some really incredible ideas.  But sometimes it’s not easy to get those ideas out to people.  Especially to places where people are going to find them.  How can you achieve this?  Well, start by using keywords.  Google has a Keyword Planner that lets you enter a series of keywords and Google will let you know their popularity.  More specifically, Google returns results on search volume and popularity as well as related keywords that might spark an idea for you.  Whatever the case, keywords are your friend.  Understanding how to write keywords for your blog is extremely important.  If you need assistance, try Google’s Keyword Planner.

keyword is yet another tool that will allow you to develop your keywords.  With this tool, you can simply type in a keyword or phrase. Maybe even the name of a celebrity, for example, and it will give you a list of keywords to use in your post.   To give you an example of how this works, I just typed in the words “Donald Trump” and I got the following keywords that could be used:

  • Donald Trump News
  • Donald Trump Junior
  • Donald Trump Net Worth
  • Donald Trump Impeachment
  • Donald Trump Memes

This particular search gave me 657 unique keywords.  This might prove to be one of your greatest tools when it comes to blogging.


Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin

The last optimization tool we have for you is the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin.  What does it do, exactly?  SEO Plugins can help you fine tune your idea and blog post into a specific keyword or phrase.  This will help with search results and help keep your blog post focused.  With Yoast’s plugin, you can type in the keyword that you’re after, and Yoast will tell you how many different spots on the page the post appears.  When you do this well, a nice green dot will appear.