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Each year, there are a ton of products at CES, but not all of them make it to market.  Or if they do, it takes a long time because they were prototypes at CES.  We are almost to the end of December and CES is just a few weeks away.  Which makes it an excellent time to check out some of the products that don’t live in the mainstream.

Mattel Aristotle

So many companies have tried to cash in on the Amazon Echo and Google Home craze – especially at CES 2017.  But the most surprising company to do this was Mattel.  The Aristotle was an assistant meant to grow with your child, starting out as a glorified baby monitor but eventually telling them stories, playing games and even helping with homework. But the unit we saw back in January wasn’t quite ready for prime time and raised some privacy concerns among parents and politicians, leading Mattel to can the project entirely.

Polaroid Hoop

Cameras are still in the battle when it comes to how to take pictures.  And this year has been particularly interesting for Polaroid.  The instant camera brand brought back the classic OneStep camera and film, while also hitting the digital world with products like its very own photo-printing Moto Mod. But the oddest announcement of all might just be a home-security camera. The glossy white Hoop promised features like 1080p video capture and the ability to distinguish people from pets. These characteristics and its $200 price point are enough to compete with the original Nest Cam and Logi Circle 2. But with its release pushed back to the first quarter of 2018, it might be too late to compete against the likes of the Amazon Cloud Cam, which costs only $120 and offers Alexa integration for those already invested in the retailer’s ecosystem.

Das Keyboard 5Q

The 5Q started as a Kickstarter campaign last year, and it’s a bit different from Das Keyboard’s Stylish simplicity by adding internet-connected lighting into the mix.  The keyboard’s open API means an incredible level of customization, like having it flash as you get closer to a work deadline or when products on your wishlist are on sale. As for the 5Q’s forthcoming availability, Das Keyboard is expected to ship in late January.  Which is a full year after their projected date they announced on Kickstarter, originally.

XYZprinting daVinci Nano

3D printers are becoming smaller and more affordable every year.  Which is why this would have been an incredible printer if it only had been released in 2017.  It was set to cost $230, but it looks like it won’t be released until 2018 with a brand new look.  t promised features like auto-calibration and auto-leveling, great for people just getting into the technology.

samsung h7

Samsung H7

Samsung’s wireless speakers have always offered cutting-edge design and solid audio. The sleek, stylish H7 would have continued that tradition thanks to its ultra high-quality tech, which upgrades existing 8-bit and 16-bit sound to clearer, more faithful 32-bit audio. Unfortunately, this product didn’t see the light of day.  But, if you’re just looking for some incredible sound, Samsung says that they’ve taken the technology and put it into the MS750 soundbar.  Which you can pick up for $550.


The Gryphon is a stylish router, that will help you monitor what your kids are looking at online.  It promised to intelligently detect and filter out intrusions and monitor your kids’ internet activity but also didn’t cut any corners on premium networking features like fast 802.11ac and easy mesh networking. The project raised a bit of cash last December on Indiegogo and it’s those backers who will get their first crack at the Gryphon when it finally ships to them this month, with the rest of the world getting their hands on it in January.

Earin M2

Headphone jacks are so 2017.  Which makes finding a good pair of earbuds kind of hard.  Earin was ahead of the pack when it released its first set way back at the beginning of 2016, and its follow-up announced last January promised a more ergonomic design and touch controls. Originally slated to ship early this year, the M-2 is set to make another appearance at CES next month with even more features. Hopefully, that extra time was put to good use, as Earin now faces a more crowded field of competitors.

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