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A contraceptive app that was used by more than 500,000 women has come under fire after reportedly causing 37 unwanted pregnancies.  A hospital in Stockholm has reported the Natural Cycles app to the Swedish Medical Products Agency.  This is the government body that looks after regulating medical devices. The app scans body temperature during the menstrual cycle to notify women when it is safe to have unprotected sex. Days, when it’s okay, are marked as green on its calendar, but if it shows red couples are advised to use an extra form of protection. Its own research suggests Natural Cycles is more effective than the contraceptive pill when used correctly.

There are 37 unwanted pregnancies being reported, as a result of using this app, and these women were seeking abortions.  But let’s start with that for a moment. No, not the abortions themselves, but the fact that people are using an app to protect themselves from pregnancy.   I don’t want to get into a lesson about anatomy or how a baby is made, but let’s think about this for a moment.  When people want to get pregnant, they rely on certain devices to tell them if they’re ovulating.  This will help increase the odds of getting pregnant, but they don’t rely on the app in order to get them pregnant.  Even when trying naturally, sometimes there are things that can go wrong.  And this is no different.

Natural Cycles

In a statement, Natural Cycles has stated that no contraception is 100% effective.  Unwanted pregnancies are an “unfortunate” risk with any contraception.  But now, let’s talk about that for a moment.  In what world, do you think that you can have unprotected sex, and not get pregnant?  Maybe you are one of the many women who can’t get pregnant, and I’m sorry if that’s the boat you are in. But that doesn’t mean that you should go around having unprotected sex.  This is coming across like these women are having random, unprotected sex. That’s not what I’m saying.  Even if you’re with your partner if you don’t want to get pregnant use something.  Even if it’s a condom.  Which, isn’t 100% effective either, but guess what? There is only one thing that is effective.  And that is abstinence.

Natural Cycles

I’m sorry if this is coming across condescending, but I’m tired of people thinking that they can rely on technology and not take accountability for their own actions.  The app does tell you which days are better for you to have said unprotected sex, but technology doesn’t always get it right.  It’s not always perfect.  Neither are doctors.  Neither is science.  They’re all great and things have improved over the years, but don’t rely on an app to tell you when you will or won’t get pregnant.  Heck, you can’t even always trust your doctor.  Nor can you trust the contraception either.  I am not a medical professional, so feel free to do whatever you think is best for you.  But don’t blame an app if and when you do get pregnant if you don’t use some kind of protection.

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