iphone x

iphone x

I love Apple, but I’m kind of getting sick of how they’re releasing products.  Maybe it has to do with being a creature of habit, but I wish they would stick to their flagship iPhone schedule.  I’m probably the only one who feels this way, and that’s something I can live with.  In fact, I encourage you to provide me with your alternative argument.  That said, it appears as though Apple plans to switch things up again this year by releasing three new flagship iPhone models.

To defend my argument of why I’m not in favor of this, it has a lot to do with making decisions.  Last fall, I was in need of a new iPhone.  My contract was ending on November 1, so I had technically three options.  The first option was to buy an iPhone 7 model.  My second option was to buy an iPhone 8 as they were available at that time.  But my third option was to wait and buy an iPhone X.  At the time, however, no one knew how long it was going to take to get those X’s.  Some were saying as late as February or March.  So I chose the iPhone 8.  Measuring these phones next to each other was easy.  Not because of the technology, but because I needed a new phone.

iphone x

If I am faced with more than 2 options (because the 7 really wasn’t an option), I would probably lose it.  When it comes to these kinds of decisions, I can think very logically, but if it’s between more than 2, I have to come up with a pros and cons list.  When it comes to iPhone models, I would hazard a guess that the differences aren’t that great.  In fact, the different aspects will likely only be marginal, but it will be something enticing to make you want to buy the biggest and the baddest model.

With the iPhone X sales looking to taper off, Apple is trying to fill these holes.  My phone, now, is old technology.  Who wants to exclusively have to use TouchID when things like FaceID exist?  Don’t get me wrong, my phone is great.  But technology moves incredibly fast, which is likely why Apple is trying to get some other models out there.

iPhone X

So what are these other two phones going to look like? Likely an iPhone X Plus, which will, of course, be larger – 6.5” OLED.  But they’re also looking for a smaller 6.1” model that is going to be priced less.  The third option is going to be the updated iPhone X.  Which might not be called that now, but I think you understand the concept.  Is this how Apple is going to roll from here on out?

Part of the reason that I find this so challenging is that we get a new option for a phone every year.  Maybe it’s the competitor inside of me that thinks I should have the best every year, but I really don’t need one.  Which gives me iPhone envy when my boyfriend picks up the newer version.  Like I said, for me, this becomes a decision I have to make.  Which eventually leads to decision fatigue.  It seems as though Apple has changed their schedule, which means, I’m going to have to be more flexible as well.

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