I have written other posts about the idea that there might be life on other planets.  I have kind of dispelled the myth that life will appear in an E.T-like form to us.  Because that’s not realistic. That’s a Hollywood version of what life on other planets might look like.  But in those posts, I didn’t dispel the fact that there might be life on other planets.  In fact, I think it’s entirely possible, but not in the way that you would think.  Now we’re getting some reports that this might actually not entirely be the case.

Barry DiGregorio, a researcher with the University of Buckingham believes that NASA is hiding something when it comes to identifying life on other planets.  They’ve been exploring the surface of Mars for years now, and they haven’t been able to find anything to suggest that life exists.  DiGregorio suggests that he has discovered clues in the form of fossilized alien tracks.  Now, he’s trying to get others on board with this theory in order to blow up a NASA cover-up.  While I’m not saying DiGregorio is wrong, this does wreak of either a conspiracy theory or a conspiracy theorist.  Which?  I don’t really know.


But NASA is doing all that they can to suggest that DiGregorio has gone off the deep end.  The “tracks”, according to NASA are only about the size of a sesame seed.  They believe that these shapes might be a by-product of crystal formations in the rock, and points to similar crystals found here on Earth that bare a resemblance to these tracks. Do you buy into the cover-up theory?  Or do you think that DiGregorio has lost his marbles?  On one hand, I think we’re well past the time when we should have found something.  But on the other hand, these tracks seem so small, how can we make the leap that they are alien footprints?

NASA began the Mars exploration back in 1996.  First, they were simply looking for water.  In 2007, they started to explore whether or not the planet was habitable.  In 2011, they started to look for signs of life.  So maybe it hasn’t been that long after all.  The other interesting thing about this is that in order for life to exist, certain elements need to all be present.  Maybe it sounds like NASA is taking too much time in looking into certain things, but they are also limited to where life could actually be present.  Places with water also need the chemistry in order to potentially provide habitable conditions. Future Mars missions would likely be designed to search for life itself in places identified as potential past or present habitats. Like all Mars Exploration Program missions, future missions will be driven by rigorous scientific questions that continually evolve from discoveries by prior missions.


I do enjoy a conspiracy theory just as much as the next person, but I don’t think DiGregorio has done a good enough job to demonstrate that he has evidence or facts to back up this claim. I really want to believe him, but I am not sure that I can.  Maybe NASA will suddenly give us more information about this, but as of right now, I don’t think alien life exists (in this form) on Mars.

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