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Vimeo’s New macOS App Makes It Easier to Upload From Final Cut Pro

If you're using both Final Cut Pro and Vimeo, you're going to want to check out their new macOS app, because it will make your life easier.


Vimeo recently announced that they are launching a new Mac app that will give video creators using Final Cut Pro more control over their file formats and video codecs.  The app expands upon the existing integration with Final Cut Pro, which already offered the ability to upload to Vimeo.  With the new app, creators can upload multiple files at once, track their progress in a status bar and then get instant access to video links, video review pages and even embed codes.

This is great news!  The app also lets you add captions in Final Cut Pro, play videos from the app without having to leave to go to a browser, and adjust the title, description and privacy settings for the videos.


The Final Cut Pro support through Vimeo for Mac enables video makers to upload clips in more formats and codecs, including ProRes. You can also upload multiple files at once to Vimeo, something that wasn’t possible before. This integration also enables direct upload of multiple captions and immediate display of sharing permalinks, all from within Final Cut. After installing the Vimeo app and connecting to Final Cut Pro, the new extension will appear in the share menu as ‘Vimeo (advanced)’.

What is the purpose behind this app?  To help save creators time when working with Final Cut Pro, while also giving them more control over their video workflow.  The app is representative of Vimeo’s new strategy to become a tool provider for video creators.  They are currently seen as a destination site for videos – similar to YouTube.  Vimeo shifted their business model last year towards this new focus in order to help the creator community get their work done.  They also ditched their plans for a subscription video-on-demand service and promoted their creator business lead Anjali Sud to CEO.


Whether video creators work with live video or pre-recorded video uploads, Vimeo’s big vision is to become the one-stop shop for anything creators need to get their work done – more efficiently and quickly. That, in turn, is meant to drive sign-ups for Vimeo’s paid subscription plans where the more advanced features are available.

Vimeo is a free download from the Mac App Store.  Final Cut Pro isn’t the only video editing software that Vimeo supports.  They note that they also have an extension for Adobe Premiere Pro.  Below is a summary of the features offered by the Mac Vimeo app:

  • Export as ProRes and other advanced codecs from Final Cut Pro
  • Upload directly to your Vimeo account
  • Add captions in Final Cut Pro, and get to settings from the app
  • Adjust the title, description, and privacy settings for your videos
  • Play videos from the app (without going into your browser)
  • Get instant access to video links, video review pages, and embed codes
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