If you know anything about me, you know how much I love podcasts.  I have been neglectful in the podcast department though.  Just the other day, Overcast informed me that I had 21 podcast episodes to download, and I don’t listen to that many different podcasts.  I have used a few different podcast apps in my day, including Apple Podcasts, but I have to say that Overcast is the best podcast app that I’ve ever used.  It’s been a mainstay on my phone for a very long time.  The good news?  It’s absolutely free!  There is an optional yearly subscription that allows you to disable ads and unlock some additional features, and if I’m being honest, it’s kind of worth the money.  I don’t say that often, so know that it’s something I believe in.

All that said, here are the five reasons why you should replace your current podcast app with Overcast.

overcast protected feed support

Protected Feed Support

Up until now, Overcast didn’t support password-protected feeds.  But with the latest update in version 4.1, it now supports username and password login using HTTP basic authentication.  You can now add these to the Add URL screen. Password-protected podcasts, and other private feeds such as Patreon bonus feeds and anything using the <itunes:block> tag, do not show up in search or recommendations.

overcast twitter

Twitter Powered Podcast Recommendations

Apple Podcasts really needs this kind of feature.  To do that, it needs to take a page from Apple Music’s “For You” section and allow people to follow their friends.  In the Overcast directory, you can see recommendations from the people you follow on Twitter.  I love this feature because it allows you to find a ton of new content.  I mean, I am fairly aware of a lot of podcasts out there.  Whether I’ll like them or not, remains to be seen.  With this kind of feature, I can see what my favorite celebrities are listening to.  I should clarify – just because I say celebrity, I don’t necessarily mean Khloe Kardashian.  I’m talking about global influencers, business leaders, and even spiritual gurus.  For me, their advice means a lot so I’m more likely to listen to a podcast that they’re listening to.

File Uploads

If you are a premium subscriber ($9.99/year in-app purchase), you have the option of upload audio files to your Overcast account through its web interface.  This is a feature that I use a lot of.  I upload DRM-free audiobooks, lectures, and other audio content that isn’t natively available in a podcast feed. I can then download it inside the app, and use features like Smart Speed and Voice Boost.


Voice Boost

Voice Boost normalizes voice volume and makes shows easier to listen to when in noisy situations (such as a car or airport).  You will love Voice Boost, and this is something that I guarantee.  It’s one of those features that you never knew that you wanted until you give it a try.

Speed Smart

Last, but certainly not least.  In fact, I would argue that this is maybe the best feature out there.  Smart Speed eliminates silences without any distortion. Instead of applying a 1.5x or 2x speed increase across the entire episode, Smart Speed speeds through pauses and silences while maintaining an easy listening experience.

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