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If you’ve got an iPhone X, then you’ve likely had some issues with the new design.  But what do you think is the worst feature of the iPhone X?  I mean, it’s a pretty awesome phone, but, yes, there is one problem.  Is it major?  Well, you be the judge on this.  Think about how you take a screenshot with the iPhone X.  Although it’s simple, it can cause a whole bunch of other things to happen.  I for one, have what I like to call “Homer Simpson hands”, where I can hit many buttons or keys all at once.  Causing me to message random people or open up 12 apps at the same time.  Which is why I’m telling you – Apple needs to fix this feature.

To take a screenshot on the iPhone X, you simply press the side button on the right and one of the volume buttons on the left. The side button also powers the phone on and off, activates Siri, and locks the phone, so you’re hitting it all the time. It’s just way too easy to take a screenshot.  I end up taking them accidentally al the time.  For example – if I pick up my phone to turn off an alarm, I take a screenshot.  If I attempt to lock my phone, I take a screenshot.  If I’m scrolling through Twitter, I’m taking screenshots.  I mean, I could add some expletives in here, but I think you get the picture – screenshots are entirely too easy to take.

iphone x

I think this is interesting because of the fact that Apple’s done away with the home button.  It wasn’t an easy adjustment, but the fact that these silly things are still happening and it’s been what – six months since the phone was released?  I can’t be the only one with these kinds of issues. In fact, I’m not.  There is a Reddit group in which people share stories about their screenshot accidents.  One user – mrqpa – write “iPhone X is my ultimate unwanted screenshot machine”.  This was echoed by thousands of people who upvoted his gripe.

While taking the screenshots might not be the end of the world, they do end up taking up space in your photo album.  The fastest way to save yourself from screenshot deleting hell is to click on the screenshot once you take it and then click “delete screenshot”.  But the sad part is that these are steps you have to take to fix something that you never intended to do in the first place.  Apple doesn’t currently offer a way to turn off this feature in the settings or change how to engage the screenshot feature.


Screenshots are extremely useful, so I wouldn’t want to see Apple get rid of them completely, but I do think that they should find a better way to use this feature.  For example, Apple could make screenshots an iOS gesture rather than being activated by the easy-to-hit buttons.  Will this get updated with the next version of iOS?  No one knows the answer to that just yet, but it is something that I certainly hope they look into in an attempt to find an alternative.

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