TiVo announced that they would have Hulu Plus a while back. While it’s not out for the public just yet, I managed to get my hands on it anyway. First off you can only get it on Premiere DVRs. While new owners of the Tivo will be able to get a few months free; existing users will not be so lucky. It’s going to be $7.99  per month. You get that free week that everyone else gets. 6 month service for free is only with the purchase of a new Tivo box.

Now testing out the service I’ve found that it runs very well. I tried it on a wireless N network as well as on a LAN. The loading times on both was comparable. The Tivo interface is never speedy in the first place. The controls work very will with the Tivo remote. You have all the same features that are on the website and other devices.

One thing I did notice that is diffident is that Web Only martial does not show up on the Tivo. That is a good thing. Xbox 360 now has Hulu Plus. They gave away free two weeks. The only thing I did not like about the service was the Web Only that many of the shows and movies I would want to watch had. The other thing that is not on the Tivo version of Hulu Plus is commercials. I think is how Hulu Plus should be. The Hulu Plus will get commercials in the final release I am sure. I’ll have more when Hulu Plus for Tivo gets closer to release.

By Rubens Saintel

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