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Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference has wrapped up, and developers got a lot of information on what to expect with iOS 12. Now that they’re heading back home, they’re going to have to continue working on their products.  That said, Apple isn’t done reaching out to developers.  Especially those who are just starting.  Apple truly wants to give them the ability to create the best apps that they possibly can.  Because of that, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Apple Retail – Angela Ahrendts, has just tweeted out a brand new initiative to help aspiring developers with one of the hardest aspects of a new development, which is – creating a prototype.

According to attendants, the new “Today at Apple” session was one of the more popular sessions at WWDC this year. And you can see why.  I mean apps are certainly the future, and Apple isn’t going anywhere, so being able to develop really great apps for iOS is kind of where people need to be.  That’s not to say that Android apps aren’t equally important, but there’s something to be said about developing Apple apps.  All that said, Apple is going to start delivering these sessions outside of the WWDC, and they will start later in June.

today at apple

The sessions will be hosted at select Apple retail stores throughout the world.  Yes, internationally.  These locations have not been announced, so where (and when) is anyone’s guess at this point.  But that’s not to say that these aren’t potentially a great service and opportunity for developers.  I mean, think of the apps that could be developed, if there was just a little bit more help from Apple?  I’d also like to cut Apple some slack around when and where the sessions are going to be.  It’s not easy to coordinate something of this magnitude.  I have a hard time coordinating training for staff across the corporation that I work for – and that’s not on a global scale.

But here’s the great news, once they do launch this initiative, it’s anticipated that it will be a free learning session.  How great is that?  I mean, so many times we are put in a position where we are being required to pay for education and learning.  Don’t you think that it’s great that Apple is providing this service for free to everyone who can and wants to use it?

today at apple

The Today at Apple sessions cover a lot of different topics, including developer tools for coding, as well as iPhone photography, editing, and drawing with the Apple Pencil.  I think it’s important for Apple to work with developers in order to help create the apps that we use every day.  As it stands, Apple creates the hardware and the operating system, but they’re relying on developers to create those incredible apps that make their products even better.  I mean, what more could we ask for?

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