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Over the last year, or so, I’ve really gotten into getting my nails done.  For years, I resisted this phenomenon saying things like “I don’t have the money”, or “if he doesn’t like my nails, then that’s his problem”, but then I fell in love with it.  As someone who’s grown up as a bit of a tomboy, it’s been necessary for me to break out of the mold now and again.  It first started with the length of my hair, then I gradually started to wear skirts and dresses, and of course, I upped my heel game.  For me, it’s not necessarily about what other people think about me, but rather how feminine I feel.

It should also be made known that I’m not saying you have to do any of these things in order to feel feminine.  These are things that I do because it makes me feel more feminine.  That’s all.  I recently discovered an app that allows you to change the color of your nails, in order to see what it would look like once you paint them.  Not only that, but it also gives you a link to the color/type of polish that you’re seeing, and therefore can go out and buy it.

wanna nails

The app Wanna Nails makes the whole nail polish process simple and extremely fast.  Wanna Nails gives you a ton of different nail options including color and different types of polish.  Overall, the app is relatively easy to use.  Put your hand in front of your phone, and you can automatically see what the new colors will look like on your hand.  The great thing about this particular app is that you can buy the polish right from the app.  With a wide selection of colors, you can find the look that’s right for you.

It wouldn’t be a proper review if I didn’t tell you everything.  I am a bit shaky when it comes to my camera, so my hand photos turned out a bit blurry.  That’s not to say that it won’t work for you, but just keep that in mind, when you’re trying out the colors.  Also, be careful because the app unexpectedly quit on me for no particular reason.

Overall, I do like this app, but I guess I’m just not sure when you would use it.  Sure, at the moment it helps you decide on a color, and yes, there is an option to save the photo or export as a GIF, but in what instance would this actually occur?  Would you send this to your friend or post on Instagram?  I guess, for me, I would make the decision myself and then send them a picture of the finished product.

wanna nails

Lastly, I think the purchasing feature through Amazon is great.  But if you do go to a salon, you will know that you’re at the mercy of whatever colors they have. In many cases, it’s not the exact color or brand that is shown in the app.  You can get a color that’s similar, not necessarily spot on.

Pros:  You can see what your nails will look like before you go to the salon or decide to change your color.

Cons:  Overall, there isn’t much substance to the app. Yes, it gives you a visual representation of what your nail color will be, but I can see that at the salon once I get there.

Cost: Free.

Aye/Nay: Aye – only because there’s nothing really wrong with the app.  There isn’t much to it, so perhaps they could make more substantial during the next update?

iTunes Link: Wanna Nails – Manicure Try On

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