Tim Cook

Apple HomePod

Over the last year, and a bit, Apple has launched some new products, but not successfully.  Remember the HomePod?  When it comes to tech giants, am I too hard on them?  The answer might be yes, but I’d like to explain my rationale.  I recently read a quote that said, failure is part of the road to success, but only if you use it appropriately.  Meaning, you can fail and then give up, or you can use the failure as a lesson to do better the next time.  So when I rag on Facebook for leaking your data again, I’m not being hard on them.  In fact, I’m holding them accountable in some way so that they can do better the next time.  Is that such a bad thing?

I also do the same when it comes to Apple.  As I said, they had some bad luck with launching new products over the last year.  The HomePod was only one of those situations.  That said, Apple is reportedly going to be releasing three new products in 2019.  The first question that comes to mind immediately is – will they, in fact, release these products on time?  This isn’t necessarily a criticism, but rather identifying an area of concern. The big concern we have is that Apple had indicated they were going to release some products back in 2017, and still have yet to do that.  Which products am I referring to?  A wireless charging case for their AirPods, as well as a wireless charging pad called AirPower, which is capable of charging an iPhone, AirPods, and an Apple Watch all at the same time.


Now Apple is working on three new products that will all be released in 2019, according to Bloomberg.  What we don’t know is when these will be released, and that’s probably a good thing for Apple.  Keep it vague.   Apple is planning on releasing a new high-end version of their AirPods.  The new AirPods will feature noise cancellation technology and water resistance.  This, of course, is according to Bloomberg’s unnamed sources.  These AirPods won’t be waterproof, so you can’t go swimming with them, but they will be able to withstand better protection from rain or sweat. They are also trying to increase the range of these next-generation premium AirPods so that they can stay connected even farther away from your iPhone.  There was no price reported, but it’s anticipated that they will cost more than the current $159 AirPods.


The report also reminds of us two rumors that we’ve heard in the past.  The first is that Apple is said to be working on their own brand of over-the-ear wireless headphones.  They are intended to be a higher-end alternative to the popular Beats brand Solo3 headphones.  And, they’re also reportedly working on the next generation of the HomePod.  But like I said, this is all speculation at this point.  That doesn’t mean that Apple can’t change its tune over the next 6 months.  Not only that, but I’d like to reiterate my earlier point.  Will Apple learn from their previous mistakes, and build better products?  Or will they find themselves in the same boat they were in with the iPhone X and HomePod fiasco?