facebook movesFacebook has recently announced that it’s going to be killing off some mobile apps, that they are saying aren’t getting used much.  Hello, Moves, and tbh are the three apps that they are targetting right now.  If you haven’t heard much about them, you’re probably not alone.  Hello was only available in Brazil, Nigeria, and the United States.  It was intended to replace your Android phone app.  Moves was designed to record your fitness activity, and tbh was an anonymous social network for high school students in the United States. While I won’t get into the merit of these applications, I do want to focus on the fact that they’re killing them off.  My guess is that it has nothing to do with the fact that they weren’t getting used, but rather because of what they might have been doing.You’ve probably heard that more law enforcement agencies are coming after Facebook.  They’re wanting to get a better understanding of when Facebook knew that Cambridge Analytica was stealing information and why they didn’t report it sooner.  At least to the government.  Which is why I think that they’re getting rid of these apps because they don’t want to draw more attention.  Facebook is indicating that they are going to delete user data from their servers within 90 days of shutting down these apps.  It’s funny that they’re being transparent about this now because all eyes are on them.facebook tbhIs this coming at an interesting time, or do you think I’m reading too much into this?  My thought process is that they’ve been hiding things for so long, and they’re kind of being shady, they must have more things to hide.  Or at least that they’re not telling us.  I’m not trying to jump the gun, nor am I suggesting that they are hiding things.  But what are we to think, after all?  I’m not trying to make a George Bush joke, but is this a fool me once kind of scenario?It’s being reported that Facebook knew that Cambridge Analytica had user data back in 2015.  But it wasn’t until the media found out about it earlier this year that they admitted to it.  While these particular apps seem like small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, I think that Facebook is trying to fly under the radar with some of these other apps.facebook tbhI also don’t think it’s that much of a stretch to think that Facebook is using these apps to take your data.  Moves, for example, is FitBit type app that allows you to track your health progress.  We all know that those apps need to understand you and your body in order to be able to assess whether or not you’re being healthy.  So when I say that they’re probably accessing your data with these apps, it’s not because I’m cynical or trying to be hard on Facebook.  It’s because this is what we’ve been presented with over the last 6 months.  Mark Zuckerberg hasn’t come out and explained what’s happened, so I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume they’re cutting these apps to avoid further issues down the road.

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