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For Real? Trump Gives Kim Jong Un a CD With Rocket Man On It!

donald trump
Is this actually happening? Trump is sending a CD to Kim Jong Un with the Elton John song "Rocket Man" on it. Is this for real?

donald trump

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You all probably remember that Donald Trump called Kim Jong Un, “rocket man”.  Of course, we all thought that it was a “poking the bear” type situation.  But in this case, the bear had nuclear weapons and hates being poked.  Cut to the last couple of months, and Trump is now in agreeing to meet with him in order to mend fences and see if peace can actually be achievable.  Trump went to North Korea and met with Kim, and by all accounts, things were looking up.  In fact, people were considering nominating Trump for a Nobel Peace Prize.  Which, I said at the time, was absolutely ridiculous, and now I think others are starting to see this.What seems to have happened is that Trump was getting played.  He went to North Korea and made this strange video to share with Kim.  It was a Michael Bay style video, that saw the two of them coming to terms and making peace.  It was kind of hilarious, and ridiculous at the same time.  Did Trump actually think that this would help the situation?  But after Trump left, the world thought North Korea was about to pull out of their own nuclear program.  That, however, wasn’t exactly what happened.  And that’s why I think that Trump got played.  North Korea is still collecting uranium.  If you’re no longer interested in developing nuclear weapons, then why do you need uranium?

donald trumpIn what might be an attempt to get back at Kim, because of this, Trump is sending a CD to Kim with the Elton John song “Rocket Man” on it.  Is this a joke?  Does Trump think it’s a joke?  Or is there more to it?  Did the two joke about it when Trump was there? And if they did, was it actually a joke, or did it literally get lost in translation?  Again, I feel like this is an instance where Trump is poking the bear, so to speak.It’s being reported that when they did meet, Trump had asked if he had ever heard the song, and Kim replied that he hadn’t.  So now Trump is sending a copy of the CD to Kim.  But here’s the thing, when Trump called him “Rocket Man”, it had nothing to do with the song.  It was derogatory.  You may remember, he actually called him “little” rocket man.  emphasis on the small.donald trumpMike Pompeo is actually delivering the CD – which is kind of interesting.  This meeting is the third for Pompeo, as they begin to lay the groundwork for another meeting between Trump and Kim.  I, like many others, are skeptical that this is actually going to accomplish anything.  I mean, how can it?  So far, the United States is the only side that has given any concessions by agreeing to cease military drills in the region. North Korea has supposedly agreed to work towards denuclearization, something the country has agreed to many times before but never actually done. What makes anyone think that Trump has actually averted any kind of crisis? Not only that, but we should consider that Trump is setting expectations for disarmament, and they might not actually get met.  Stay tuned for more on this one, because it’s only going to get worse from here, I suspect.

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