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During this year’s WWDC, Apple made several announcements about security upgrades for their devices.  And while those are much needed, there are some other features that Apple introduced, or made better.  What are they?

  • Dark Mode is now available in macOS
  • Desktop Stacks in Mojave will help to streamline clutter
  • The Finder gets a gallery view and some handy action buttons
  • There is now a continuity camera to help bridge the gap between your iPhone and your computer.
  • News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home have all been added to macOS along with a redesigned App Store.

Last, but certainly not least one of the great features about macOS is the Quick Look feature. This feature has been around in previous versions, which means, Apple is giving it an update.  It allows you to view photos and files without having to open them in an app.  With macOS Mojave, Apple has introduced some new editing tools for Quick Look, which allow you to perform actions a that are specific to the kind of file that you’re view.

macos quick look

How Does Quick Look Work?

If you’ve never used Quick Look, the feature can be used for items on your Desktop, in the Finder window, in emails or messages.  It supports numerous file types, including HTML, PDF, Plain text, RTF, iWork, MS Office, RAW, JPEGs, and QuickTime formats. To activate it, simply select one or more items, then press the Spacebar or force-click using your Mac’s trackpad.

In the top left of the Quick Look window, you’ll find the Maximize button next to the Close button. (You can also manually enlarge the window by dragging the corners.) Open with [App] and Share buttons are located in the top-right corner of the Quick Look window, along with a Rotate Left button if you’re working with images or video.

If you select multiple items, you will see arrow buttons to navigate through, as well as a Sheet View button that will allow you to see the items in an index sheet view.  If you opened a document such as a PDF, you’ll see a column of thumbnails along the side of the window for quickly navigating through the pages.

macos quick look

What’s New in Quick Look?

If you’re a seasoned Quick Look veteran, then you already know all of that.  So let’s take a look at the new features being offered with macOS Mojave.

  • New to Quick Look in Mojave is the ability to access Markup tools. Simply click the Markup button to reveal the toolset.
  • Quick Look lets you draw on and annotate images or PDF documents using arrows, shapes, and text. You can also use Markup to quickly sign a document with your digital signature. Click Done and your changes are automatically saved.
  • If you’re viewing a video file in Quick Look, you’ll see a new Trim button that allows you to trim the clip without having to open QuickTime.
  • Clicking the Trim button reveals the scrubbing and edit ribbon along the bottom of the clip. You can click anywhere in the ribbon to jump to another point in the video and drag the edges of the yellow frame to trim the clip to the desired length.
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