I definitely write a lot about Apple and the ecosystem, and almost always in a positive light.  It might sound like I’m an Apple fan-girl, but that’s not exactly the case.  Yes, I do love the Apple ecosystem, and for the most part, I love what they have been able to do when it comes to technology.  That said, I’m not the only person who thinks that there’s something about Apple that just feels different – in a way that makes it better.  This is not to say that Android devices, or Google, let’s say, are inferior.  But they haven’t been able to achieve the same kind of success.  As I said – I’m not the only person who thinks this.  In fact, a survey indicates that if you have an iPhone, you are more likely to get a date.

How and why, exactly?  It kind of sounds elitist in many ways.  According to the survey, 7 out of 10 people would prefer to date someone with an iPhone rather than an Android device.  And if I’m being honest, when I first met my boyfriend, I was happy that he too is a fan of Apple.  That said, I wouldn’t not date someone because of the fact that they have an Android.  I just couldn’t see myself with an Android user, long term. Is that bad? The survey suggests that the reason for this is because people feel that iPhones are more sophisticated or classic.  That can loosely be translated to say that people who use iPhones have more money.  But is that really true? Or is that just the perception?


The survey also suggests that more than 1/3 of men considered a broken screen on their date’s smartphone as a sign of financial insecurity and lack of personal care.  I kind of have to agree with that.  When I see a cracked phone screen, it makes me cringe. And while I hope that I wouldn’t make that judgment when it comes to dating someone, I wouldn’t likely stay with them long term.  (Man, I’m sounding like an awful person to date!)

Here are some other interesting facts:

  • 65% of iPhone users will consider a first date with an Android smartphone user
  • While only 50% of Android users would do the same.

This sounds like Android users are the elitist ones, doesn’t it?  Overall, the survey was conducted among 1,502 people, but there is no detail on how these people were suggested.  In general, the survey does reveal some interesting things about people and their smartphones.  Like what?

iphone 4

  • Women are less likely to be concerned about a cracked screen, but more likely to be turned off by an old phone model.
  • 2 out of 5 of those surveyed feel that phone type impacts initial positive impressions on a date.
  • One person surveyed indicated that “Androids are weird”, and iPhones are just better.
  • iPhones are sleek and classic.

On the downside, iPhone users are more likely to end a relationship over text or to cancel a date.  Harsh, right? While this survey might not be the perspective of everyone, it certainly is interesting about people think about iPhone users. In 2018, understanding your preferences when it comes to dating is literally half the battle, so I think that this is something that people should consider before entering into a relationship.  Sure, maybe that sounds ridiculous, but if you just can’t be with someone who has an Android device, take that into consideration early on in the relationship.