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It’s nearing the end of the month, which means, it’s time for us to explore what’s coming to Netflix in August.  As I’ve always said, Netflix has some really incredible original content.  Whether it’s a movie or a TV series, they seem to understand what it is that people want in terms of entertainment.  It seems weird how they are so spot on with almost every show.  And that’s a hard thing to do, considering how everyone has different tastes.  In this post, we will explore not only the amazing content that’s coming to Netflix in August but we will also look at how many of these shows are different from the others.


Insatiable is a series about a bullied teenager who turns to beauty pageants as a way to exact her revenge on the people who bullied her. There’s a lot of people saying that this show is fat-phobic and it emphasizes the fact that someone can’t be happy unless they’re thin.  As someone who has had struggles with her weight over the years, I’m here to tell you that it’s hard to live in a body that we’re not happy with.  I think that it’s important for shows to explore these concepts.  I’m not saying that this show has all the answers, but I do think that we should be thinking about our definition of health and fitness.

We only have the trailer so far, but I don’t think we should be so quick to judge it just yet. I believe that this show is based on someone’s own experience in terms of how they felt in high school. We shouldn’t look at this as a step-by-step manual for how we should react.  I think this highlights the fact that kids can be cruel in high school, and that we should teach young people what it means to be healthy, rather than focusing on how we look.

All that said, if you’ve never had a problem with your weight, then you might think that this is just a cruel show.  I disagree, and I think the creators of the show are trying to use this as a way to inspire young people today.  Rather than shaming them into having a skinny body.

All About the Washingtons

Joey Washington is recently retired from the rap game, and he adjusts to life as a stay-at-home dad to four kids, while his wife pursues a career of her own.  This is an autobiographical scripted family sitcom that follows Joey Washington (Rev Run, aka Joseph Simmons) and his wife Justine Washington (Justin Simmons).  They are playing fictionalized versions of themselves.  The show starts after Joey decides to retire from a long career as legendary hip-hop royalty, his wife Justine, takes advantage of the opportunity to pursue a career of her own now that Joey is available to focus on raising the kids and keeping the house in order.

The Package

This is a teen comedy which sees four friends risk everything after their friend suffers an unfortunate accident during spring break.  They go on a quest to make him whole again.  The accident that he suffers is kind of gruesome, so be prepared for that.  This is certainly not something we have ever seen before in terms of a comedy, albeit a dark comedy.  While I do think that there’s something about this one, it might not be for everyone.  Make sure you watch the trailer before viewing, and I’d caution against younger kids from being allowed to watch this.


Disenchantment is a new, animated series from Matt Groening and it follows the misadventures of a hard-drinking princess, her fiesty elf companion and her personal demon. If I’m being honest, I’m kind of glad to see a show that doesn’t focus so much on portraying women as traditional princesses.  I think that it’s an unrealistic standard for girls to achieve.  While I’m not saying that this is a better version, I do think that it’s more realistic.  In my opinion, we shouldn’t try to be like anyone else, but rather emulate positive traits in people.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

I’m really looking forward to watching this one. I am a huge fan of the Rom Com genre, and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before definitely fits into that category.  It is based on Jenny Han’s YA novel of the same name.  The book is a first in a triology of novels, so hopefully that means that we will get a few more of these movies.

Follow This

After successful forays into the true crime and feature-length film genres, Netflix seems to be trying its hand at the informative documentary series. Its latest original, Follow This, features the experiences of journalists as they research various story topics. It’s not really a news show.  It kind of shows how things are made with somewhat intangible topics.  Follow This has been created in partnership with Buzzfeed News and has over 20 episodes in the series, which hope to provide viewers with content ranging from unexpected cultural phenomena to controversial social issues.

The Comedy Line-Up

The Comedy Line up showcases a diverse group of up-and-coming comedians who perform 15-minute sets in this stand-up comedy showcase.  The comedians who will be showcased, include Michelle Buteau, Ian Karmel, Taylor Tomlinson, Sam Jay, Phil Wang, Sabrina Jalees, Jak Knight, and Tim Dillon.  If you’re a comedy fan like I am, you’re not going to want to miss this one.

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