It seems Apple is really pushing iPad as a pc replacement. They have been trying to do this for years but with iOS 5 and iCloud they seem to have gotten it right. I got my invite to download and download I did. We are going to cover just the new iCloud service for right now and only the new things in it. I will have more info as I play with it more.

PhotoStream is a great service that should save people a lot of hassle. Flickr should have done this with their app and website. PhotoStream works with iTV and all iOS devices. It will store the last 1000 pictures from your camera roll and push them to your other devices. The pictures save for 30days before getting cleared. If you want to keep them just move them to a new folder. PhotoStream is said to work on PC’s as well so I am interested to see how since no details were shown.

Documents in the cloud is not a game changer. Onenote by Microsoft and Evernote already do the same thing. So no spending times on this one.
Apps in the cloud is just great. It is a time saver and one of the best features that have been lacking from the iOS for some time now. Yes, Andriod fanboys have been able to this for a while but Apple takes it a step further by allowing you to download all you all apps to a new device without out the use of a PC.

iTunes in the cloud works for any song you have brought. It is basically a lockbox but with a major exception. It has to be songs you have brought from iTunes. If you already have music from CD’s, Amazon to any other service you’re out of luck. This service really does force you to buy all your music from Apple. You can have up to 10 devices at a time downloading music from iTunes in the cloud. You get 5Gigs of storage to use with iCloud but that is a lot considering iTunes music, apps and pictures are not counted.

By Rubens Saintel

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