iphone xs

iphone xs

Pre-orders for the new Apple iPhones went live at 12:00 AM PT and 3:00 AM if you’re on the east coast.  Why?  Apple seems a bit masochistic in this regard.  I mean, making people wait until 3 am if they’re in New York or Washington to order a new phone.  Or even having to get up that early.  I don’t know if you recall what happened last year, but everyone was trying to get in at the same time and the system seemed like it was under attack.  Some people were using multiple devices and hit refresh a number of times.  That said, it doesn’t appear to be the same situation as last year.  Which means, it seems like Apple might have learned its lesson – make sure you have phones available!

Last year the OLED-screened iPhone X quickly sold through its predicted initial shipments, but one would expect that supply will be more predictable this year for iPhone Xs / Xs Max variants (ranging from $999 to $1,449, with shipments beginning in a week) — if you’re hoping for a $740+ iPhone Xr, that won’t be ready to pre-order until October 19th, with shipments beginning on the 26th.

Pre-orders of the iPhone are also available through the wireless carriers, which is often the easiest way to get a phone if the stock is more limited on Apple’s website or app. You can preorder the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max using installment plans on any one of the four major US wireless carriers, namely Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint.


But let’s talk about the phones for a minute:

iPhone XS

  • 64GB iPhone XS: $999
  • 256GB iPhone XS: $1,149
  • 512GB iPhone XS: $1,349

iPhone XS Max

  • 64GB iPhone XS Max: $1,099
  • 256GB iPhone XS Max: $1,249
  • 512GB iPhone XS Max: $1,449

What do we think about the prices?  I mean, the top end price is coming in at $1,449, which is a significant increase from last year’s $999 phone, isn’t it?  If you add Apple Care on top of that you’re looking at another $300.  All in, are these new phones worth almost $2,000?  I mean you could buy a MacBook with that kind of cash.  Or finance your car for several months.  For some that might even be 2 or 3 mortgage payments.  While I’ve said that we shouldn’t get so hung up on the price of these devices (any of them) because you literally have a computer and camera (among other things) in your pocket.  But when the price starts creeping up and almost doubles what it was last year, it makes me re-evaluate my stance on this.

Again – I do think that the $1,000 price point isn’t ridiculous.  It’s a bit steep, but I am not going as far as to say it’s ridiculous.  $1,749, however that’s ridiculous.  I personally have never purchased one of the “Plus” sized phones.  Mostly because they’re kind of large and I don’t really know how I would carry it around.  I manage just fine with the “regular” phone.  That said, they are going to be beneficial for some people.  And ultimately, you are getting 512 GB of internal storage in the phone.  That in itself makes the price a bit more justifiable.  Either way – we want to know if you have purchased, or plan on purchasing one of the new iPhones.  If yes – which one? And do you think it’s worth the price?

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