Although I used to consider another Infinity game unmatched it seems it has met its match. Infinity Blade by Chair has great graphics and good controls. Angry Birds is fun but it too suffers from the same issue I had with Infinity Blade. They were very repetitive. Note to Angry Birds and Infinity Blade; adding more levels of the same stuff is not good enough. Enter Infinity Field. This game is addictive, has great graphics and most of all the action is random. Surprisingly it is published from the makers of Angry Birds. The developer is Martínez-Almeidais a high school student from Valladolid Spain. He just 14 years old. This was not what I was doing at 14.


To start out with you have the option of Survival or Campaign. Survival mode gives you the option of picking different ships to start out with. As pictured below, the ship is not the only thing that changes. The way you play differs based on what ship you pick. You can play solo or with a friend. At the moment you can only play a friend head to head on the same device. There are plans to offer true multiplayer in the future. For now you are teased with a message of “coming soon” rather than being accessible. Never the less this game still holds up against all. Game Center integration has your high scores as well as friends and leader board kings.


One of the best features in the game is called auto pause. That means if you lift your fingers from the game at any moment the game will pause as pictured below. While this is a great feature. I do not know how well this is going to work once multiplayer does come into reality.


IGN said “I confess. I initially judged Infinity Field by its cover and assumed it was a clone of Geometry Wars: Touch, a rather good twin-stick shooter for the iPad. But that was selling Infinity Field short.” I could not agree more. This is a great product that is good enough for the Xbox arcade or PSN. I can’t wait to see more from this wonder kid.


Pro: The app has auto pause, deep campaign and inviting survival mode. The graphics are on or over par with everything out there. Very good controls that work well with the iPad’s big touch screen.

Con: The only con is no multiplayer. It is coming soon so hang in there.

Cost: $1.99

Aye/Nay: This is a Aye. This game has big budget polish and Independent detail to what the player wants. $2 is worth it.

iTunes Link: Infinity Field HD

By Rubens Saintel

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