dreamon sleep wearable
monit diaper sensor

I am a huge advocate for thinking outside the box.  I think technology can play a huge role when it comes to making our lives better, easier and more efficient. But at what point does thinking outside the box lead to some really weird, and maybe unnecessary inventions?  CES 2019 has certainly showcased some amazing and interesting gadgets and technology, but there are a few that are sticking out in that “interesting” category.  Not everything that debuts at CES means it will be a huge success, but it does provide a venue for what could turn into something in the future.  Or, it might just be a flop.  That said, here is some of the weirdest tech showcased at CES this year.


Monit Smart Diaper

Ok, so we’ve seen clothing that helps to monitor a baby’s breathing at CES this year, but Monit is taking baby monitoring to a whole new level with this particular device.  You attach the device to the outside of a diaper (thankfully), and will be able to detect when a diaper needs changing.  It alerts you, and of course, you will then change the diaper.  Monit claims that it can tell the difference between what kind of change is required, and the aim is to reduce the instances of diaper rash.  This device has been on sale in Korea and Japan since the end of 2018, and will be launching in the U.S. with a partnership with Huggies starting this year.  But come on – is this something that we really need?


OnTracks Guide Watches

If you’re like me then you probably use your Apple Watch when it comes to navigation.  I like the haptic ability to tell me when to turn a corner.  Without this, I have gotten lost in at least one large city.  But the downside is that you have to check your Watch when you’re driving.  Which is a big no-no.  And even “illegal” in some places.  Enter OnTracks.  They have attempted to streamline the process by giving you a wearable that helps you to navigate without the hassle of constantly looking at your screen.  While I’m all in favor of this particular solution, I think these Guide Watches look a little silly.  Or is it just me?  Maybe this would be a great addition for cyclists, and not necessarily drivers?



How do you like falling asleep?  (Insert many jokes in here)  For me, I like the soothing sounds of waves crashing on a beach.  Which isn’t exactly what DreamOn does, but it might be just as effective.  It uses low-frequency pulses in order to lull your brain to sleep.  DreamOn replicates the brain’s natural low-frequency waves that occur during deep sleep, and they urge your brain to match these pulses.  Thus putting you to sleep faster.  In addition, this device is designed to reduce anxiety and increase mindfulness.  All in all, this definitely sounds like something that would be beneficial for many of us.

Technology can be a blessing, but it can also be a curse. As I said, just because it is showcased at CES doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the next Apple Watch or Amazon Alexa. That said, if you have seen anything at CES that you think was a little out of the box.  Or maybe too far out of the box – let us know!