Google Docs is a great product. It’s only flaw use to be data size. Try to do anything with 1GB and you will hit a brick wall. Well now you can now upload and work with documents 10 gigabytes. Google product manager Scott Johnston announced the latest enhancement that boosts the maximum Google Docs file size from 1 GB previously. Now for the bad news this new found size will only benefit users with paid accounts.

People who use Google Docs for free are still limited to 1 GB of storage space in total for although documents that you make online don’t count toward that quota. Paid accounts can get a lot of different plans. Those who use Microsoft PowerPoint can now upload and convert PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 files.

There was also an upgrade to Google Viewer. You can now use ZIP and RAR files. You can upload the file type of your choice and see the list of the contents of the compressed file. Bonus is that you can do this all without having to download and uncompress the file. Now if they would only create iPad app for Google +

By Rubens Saintel

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