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In an interesting twist of events, Microsoft senior cybersecurity architect, Chris Jackson, said that people using Internet Explorer are actually causing Microsoft to have a ton of “technical debt”. Basically, by using IE, organizations are creating additional costs down the line by selecting the easiest, most convenient solution now, rather than approaching what is best for the long term. Meaning, it might be easier to run old apps using IE, but in the long run, it’s both safer and smarter to move to a modern browser. I think it’s time to #KillInternetExplorer once and for all.


After all the drama taking place with Anthony Davis, the Pelicans, and the Los Angeles Lakers, now there is more drama to report. Davis is actually expected to play this season, but they’re also expected to sit him. Why exactly? Davis is currently dealing with a finger injury that has kept him out of the lineup for the past nine games. This doesn’t really make sense. He’s still going to play, and he’s not being listed as having an injury. So what gives?

“A number of factors contributed to this decision. Ultimately, Anthony made it clear to us that he wants to play, and he gives our team the best opportunity to win games. Moreover, the Pelicans want to preserve the integrity of the game and align our organization with NBA policies. We believe Anthony playing upholds the values that are in the best interest of the NBA and its fans. We look forward to seeing Anthony in a Pelicans uniform again soon.”

Dell Demps, General Manager, New Orleans Pelicans


Congressional negotiators are saying that they’re close to reaching a deal to avert another government shutdown. But what are the concessions? Democrats are acknowledging the final deal might include funding for border barriers. If this is the case, it might actually spark quite the rebellion within the party. But lawmakers and aides have a different story, though. Their side of it suggests that they are several days away from a final border security deal. Which might be a good thing, considering they have until February 15 to reach an agreement.


HBO is sticking to their decision to release a controversial documentary about Michael Jackson. On Friday, the Jackson estate sent a letter to HBO chief executive, Richard Plepler indicating that “Leaving Neverland” is a “one-sided, sensationalist program” and declaring that the film “will go down as the most shameful episode in HBO’s history”. Directed by Dan Reed, the four-hour film tells the story of two men, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, who allege that the Jackson abused them sexually when they were children. The film drew praise following its premiere last month at the Sundance.


It might not come as a surprise to anyone, but Chad Michael Murray has been cast in the recurring role of Edgar Evernever on CW’s Riverdale. It’s not a huge surprise to me, given the fact that he also starred in a wildly popular CW show – One Tree Hill. Edgar Evernever arrives in Riverdale to spread his teachings and heal the ravaged soul of the once wholesome town. Riverdale is in its third season and follows Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge and Jughead Jones in the reimagined Archie comics.

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