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At least 11 popular apps are reportedly sharing people’s sensitive data with Facebook, even if they don’t have an account on the social network.  The report found that apps, which can help track personal information such as body weight, menstrual cycles and pregnancy are sending such details to Facebook.  The apps that were found to share personal data include Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker, BetterMe: Weight Loss Workouts, Breethe, and Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor. The report suggests none of these apps had an option for users to prevent them from sharing personal data with Facebook, nor do they necessarily make it clear to people their data is making its way to Facebook’s servers. The publication was only able to specifically decipher the types of data that iOS apps send Facebook, but a third-party test determined at least one Android fitness app shares weight and height data too.


Kerwin Roach II, Texas’ leading scorer, has been suspended indefinitely.  Roach was suspended for violating team rules.  Roach is averaging 15 points, 4.5 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game.  Why this is interesting is because this is Roach’s second suspension this season and the third of his career.  He was suspended for the season opener and the 2016-2017 season opener.  In each instance, it was described as a violation of team rules.  But the school isn’t releasing any details about what actually happened with this particular instance.  The bad news is that the Longhorns are heading on the road this weekend against Oklahoma, but Roach won’t be joining them on that trip.


The Trump administration has issued a final rule that could effectively cut off tens of millions of federal family planning dollars, which were promised to Planned Parenthood.  What will happen with that funding?  Well, it could get spent on anti-abortion, and faith-based care providers. While this won’t fully accomplish the defunding that Republicans had called for, this is a major step in achieving that goal.

It also marks yet another move by social conservatives who are looking to prohibit access to abortion.  Under the rule, clinics would still have to provide an array of contraceptive services but could partner or subcontract with groups that stress only abstinence or natural family planning. This would also prevent Planned Parenthood and other health care providers who receive the funding from being able to make any abortion referrals or performing the abortions themselves.


Beyonce and Jay-Z may not have attended the 2019 Brit Awards in person, but they definitely made their mark, thanks to a surprise cameo from Princess Meghan Markle. The duo accepted their award for Best International Group via video message, by recreating their music video for APES**T. But instead of posing in front of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, they stood in front of a portrait of the Duchess of Sussex who was wearing a crown.


Following quite the scandal this past week, Jussie Smollett has been removed from the final Season 5 episodes of Empire.  This comes after his arrest on Thursday.  Series executives made the following statement:

“The events of the past few weeks have been incredibly emotional for all of us. Jussie has been an important member of our ‘Empire’ family for the past five years and we care about him deeply. While these allegations are very disturbing, we are placing our trust in the legal system as the process plays out. We are also aware of the effects of this process on the cast and crew members who work on our show and to avoid further disruption on set, we have decided to remove the role of ‘Jamal’ from the final two episodes of the season.”

Statement by Lee Daniels, Danny Strong, Brett Mahoney, Brian Grazer, Sanaa Hamri, Fancie Calfo and, Dennis Hammer
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