First the East Coast got hit by a major earth quake. It was very very unexpected event. One that hit without any warning. It surprisingly didn’t do that much damage. We unfortunately will not be so lucky with the next event. Hurricane Irene; the first one to hit land in 3 years. The storm has grown to be very large in size yet not as powerful as expected.

It started to move just a little bit out to sea but not enough for it to miss land. It will be out enough for some parts of Maryland and Virginia to get nothing more than just some heavy rain. Ocean City, MD and Atlantic City, NJ were both ordered to evacuated earlier today. They both have been hit very hard. MD, VA, DC, NJ & NY Mayors have all ordered a state of emergency.

The reason this is done is two fold. A state does this to be eligible to get federal funds if needed so they often declare even if they don’t end up needing it. There are tornado and flood warnings for most of the DMV area. ( DC, Maryland and Virginia) Over 43,000 people are without power in Prince George’s County, 6,000 in Washington, DC and 33,000 in Virginia Beach, VA. It has been reported that people without power in places such as Montgomery and Prince George’s County will be without power for up to 3 weeks.

This storm is still hitting VA and just about to hit New York. It will go all the way up to Boston and the New England area. If you have ever seen The Day After Tomorrow the storm looks that large. Keep in mind that this Hurricane is just starting out. We have all of Sunday to go before it leaves the coast. We won’t have a full estimate until Monday..

By Rubens Saintel

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