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I’m not sure if this has been made clear by me, but I love a good podcast. The key word in that sentence is “good”. That said, I’ve also listened to a lot of podcasts, and some of them are ok, but very few of them can be classified as good in my opinion. But I like to give all podcasts a chance, so I can decide if it’s good for me or not. You’re probably wondering what makes a podcast good in my opinion. Well, it needs to have an educational component – I know, what a nerd! But it also has to have humor and some elements that connect the work of the podcast with me in my everyday life.

Which is why I’m excited to say that I’m looking forward to Bill and Chelsea Clinton’s new podcast – Why Am I Telling You This? No, that’s not me asking a question, that’s the name of the podcast. According to a recent tweet from Bill Clinton himself, he wants to hear other people’s stories and then share them with the world.

Further to that, the podcast will explore some of the issues that the Clinton Foundation is involved with, including hurricane recovery efforts, climate change, the opioid crisis and childhood literacy. But it will also include conversations about “global leadership, reflections on the Clinton Administration, and President Clinton’s wide range of interests and well-known intellectual curiosity”. This is according to the foundation. If you’re looking for Hillary to be a series regular, the answer is no, but she might make some appearances on the show.

Bill Clinton has always been a storyteller. Maybe that’s related to his background in politics, but that’s why this podcast seems to be a natural fit for him. Chief Communications and Marketing Officer for the Clinton Foundation, Craig Minassian explains:

“Launching a podcast is a natural extension of President Clinton’s mastery of using storytelling to explain complex issues and his belief that once you know someone’s story, you better understand them as a person and your differences become less important. President Clinton and Chelsea Clinton have always sought new ways to create a deeper understanding of how to make an impact which is particularly crucial and challenging in the current media environment.”

Craig Minassian, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer for the Clinton Foundation

I’d like to say that I can give you more, but there just isn’t any more information to tell you. In fact, the Apple Podcasts website has one brief blurb, which we’ve already outlined, and yet the podcast already has a 4.8 star rating. Granted, only three people rated the podcast, but I think that’s still pretty incredible considering that the podcast isn’t scheduled to release this summer.

But I wonder if the podcast is drawing so much attention now because of the Clinton’s themselves. It’s no secret that Bill’s presidency was surrounded by a lot of controversy. And well, people have basically shamed Hillary during and since the 2016 Presidential Election. Are people looking for something juicy, or are they actually interested in what the Clinton’s have to say? As I always say, only time will tell. But we now live in an age where this kind of second career is the norm. I definitely plan to tune in to see if it matches my expectations mentioned above. And if not, it will fall into the podcast graveyard.

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