In the very near future, Apple’s iOS 13 will be bringing you a ton of new features including Dark Mode, new photo tools, a swipe-able keyboard, new Maps tools, security features and even the ability to customize Memoji avatars. But this is just what Apple revealed at WWDC this week. They often reserve some surprises for the new iPhone reveal in September, which means that there might be more features to come that we don’t even know about. How exciting is that?

The biggest change for iOS 13 is that it no longer will be available on the iPad. Instead, Apple has announced a new operating system just for their tablets called iPad OS. Of course, this new OS is based on iOS for the iPhone, so there will be a ton of similarities. You know you’ve made it when you finally get your own operating system!

Let’s explore some of these new features:

Dark Mode

Dark Mode will replace your light screen with a dark screen, and it is available in all core apps in iOS 13, including the calendar, music, and photos apps. Apple is saying that it’s system wide, but it will be interesting to see if there are any exceptions. Dark Mode is a popular trend within apps themselves, and we will see this coming to Android Q as well.

Keyboard Swipe

Android users have had the ability to swipe their keyboards for a number of years through third-party apps, like Swype. And now Apple has added this into the mix. Whether or not this is a necessary addition, remains to be seen. Apple is calling its version QuickPath typing. In theory, it’s faster and just as accurate as pecking away at the keyboard, and you will still get spelling suggestions as you type.

Photo Tools

A new photos tab will give you access to some of the new tools that Apple is adding. For example, you can now remove duplicate photos and highlight the best shots. Portrait lighting, which is a tool within your iPhone’s native camera app, adds more lighting effects to smooth out your skin. You can also change the intensity and location of your lighting in portrait mode. More editing filters can add accents called vignette, vibrance, auto enhance and noise reduction.

You will also be able to adjust your photos by tapping and dragging with your finger. The editing tools also come to video, which means, you can rotate a video if you accidentally shoot it in the wrong orientation. Although. that’s not going to look great in the end, but it’s worth a try. You can also apply new filters and video effects, which is a great tool for all of you amateur videographers out there.

So what other features can we expect from iOS 13?

  • Find My Phone: The Find My Phone feature is joining forces with Find My Friends into one single app which will be called “Find My”. This will allow you to locate nearby friends, you can also find your lost devices even when they’re offline. This tool is encrypted and anonymous.
  • Privacy Updates: Apple has indicated that they won’t share your email address with any third-parties. There is an opt out clause so you don’t have to share your email address at all. Apple also blocks apps to track your location from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and lets you decide if you’d like apps to ask your permission each time it requests your location data.
  • Siri: Apple is hoping that the update in iOS 13 will make Siri sound smoother and more natural to your ears. Using AI software Siri will speak with fewer gaps and non-human sounding modulations.

And it doesn’t stop there! Apple has really stepped up their game with this iOS update including:

  • Send call spam straight to voice mail and silence unknown callers.
  • Mute thread in Mail.
  • Add attachments to events in Calendar.
  • Time-synced lyrics when you play music.
  • Support for 3D AR apps like Minecraft Earth, coming to iOS 13 this summer.
  • Face ID unlocking is now 30 percent faster.
  • Apps launch 2x faster.
  • Downloads are 50% smaller and updates 60% smaller.
  • Low data mode
  • 38 new language keyboards
  • Language selection per app
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