Marvel says that the new content would be a video introduction by director Anthony Russo, an unfinished deleted scene, and a special Spider-Man: Far From Home sneak peek and fans will also get an exclusive piece of Avengers art. The art is a poster with the “I love you 3000” that Iron Man hit us within the movie. This is not much at all but it will be more than enough to sadly sucker enough people to pay the $50 million it needs to pass Avatar’s $2.788 billion box office record.

Kevin Feige confirmed to press that Marvel’s the money grab event for Avengers: Endgame’s re-release is formally being called the “Bring Back” event. Are the 6 minutes of extra discarded footage going to be enough to warrant sitting in a movie theater for three hours again?

Even though I am a Marvel fan this feels cheap and insulting for the fans. The few minutes of content could have been added to the Blu-Ray. That said I know people like Dave Carson are going to be front and center for this.

So for those fans that don’t care it’s only a few minutes and don’t care it’s like cheating to break the box office record this way; Friday, June 28, at select theaters you will be rewarded with a poster depicting Tony Stark’s version of the Infinity Gauntlet.

By Rubens Saintel

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