Groupon is more than rethinking its IPO. It has put it on the back burner. While they claim to not be canceling its IPO they are not in any rush to come out and play in this market.  Groupon had planned to go public after Labor Day but thought better of it. There had been talks of a  planned a roadshow for investors next week. That roadshow has been canceled. So the  $750 million IPO in June it filed for just a few weeks back will have to wait.  Zynga on the other hand is still coming out to play but just a little bit later. They plan to go IPO in September but have no moved that to November.

By Rubens Saintel

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2 thoughts on “LinkedIn was lucky to come out with an IPO when it did; Groupon & Zynga have both backed out of theirs due to volatile market”
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