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It’s that time of year again – when Apple regales us with all their new ideas, products and services. It’s a tech dream come true. That is if you’re a fan of the Apple ecosystem. The last couple of years Apple has had some hiccups and even a few slow starts, but for whatever reason, they always manage to come back on top. When I first heard what was going to be launched during the Apple event, I was a bit skeptical. Why is Apple scaling back on their product launch, when they should come out swinging.

And then I realized that this is actually the tactic that Apple needs to employ. It’s not pushy and it’s not overbearing. It’s simple, straightforward and gives Apple the ability to showcase a few new/updated products, rather than overwhelming us with a ton of new information. That’s not to say Apple has outdone themselves, because the products need to speak for themselves. And that’s the question that we always want to know the answer to.

New iPhones

The expected mainstream iPhone 11 debuted with not one, but with a dual-camera configuration and a new design in six colors. Features include Dolby Atmos audio, Wi-Fi 6, an ultra-wide camera lens and enhanced camera features. What’s interesting about this new design is that you will be able to take landscape selfies and videos. It does get a power boost in the form of a new A13 Bionic processor, but what do we think about the way it looks? The dual cameras definitely give it an interesting design, and certainly something that we’re not used to. But it took us some time to get on board with the notch on the iPhone X, so is this any different? Only time (and trolls) will tell.

Apple introduced two other iPhone models – the iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The good news is that the base model will only set you back $699. This is a decrease from last year’s models and demonstrates that maybe Apple actually heard what people had to say. The iPhone 11 Pro, however, starts at $999 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max will set you back at $1,099.

Apple Arcade and Apple TV+

Apple TV+ which is Apple’s streaming answer to Disney, Netflix and Hulu will be launched Nov. If you buy an iPhone, Apple TV, or Mac, you will get one year free of Apple TV +. Apple Arcade beats The Google Stadia to the punch. We all know that the future of gaming is headed to the same place music is now. For one to be instantly able to play any game on any devices and without waiting for downloads. Cloud gaming is the next big thing and the Apple Arcade streaming mobile game service will be first. At only $4.99 just like Apple TV+ it will hard to past up.  

As you’re all aware, Apple is diversifying its offerings from simply hardware into services. During their event, Apple took the opportunity to introduce us to some new games for the upcoming subscription service Apple Arcade. The great thing about this service is that you can get access to so many games for just $4.99 per month, per family.

Apple showed off a new trailer for See, a science fiction series featuring Aquaman’s Jason Mamoa in a world where everyone has lost their vision. Apple has been making the news over the last year as they bring this service to fruition, in an attempt to compete with Netflix and other streaming services. The good news is that if you buy a new iPhone, iPad, or Mac you will get a year of Apple TV Plus for free. This is, of course, a gimmick to get you to use their service, but it’s definitely a good strategy as they try to compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime.

iPad 2019

Great news for all you tablet fans out there. While I think tablets are losing popularity, they still have their use. Apple is updating its entry-level iPad, introducing a new 10.2-inch tablet that starts at $329. The physical size of the device has increased from the previous 9.7-inch version of the product, but will only cost $299 for educators. Apple said the device is compatible with the Apple Pencil stylus and a detachable keyboard. It will have an A10 fusion chip and all-day battery life, the company said. It’s available for order on Tuesday and coming to stores Sept. 30. 

Apple Watch Series 5

This is what got me most excited. Apple unveiled the latest iteration of its Apple Watch. Yes, it is the same as last year with one major difference. It has an always-on display. Something that other smart devices in the wearable category have. It was the last thing missing from making this the perfect smartwatch. It will start at $399 for the GPS-only model and $499 for both GPS and cellular. You can order the Apple Watch Series 5 now and it will be available in stores on Sept. 20. If you order it now it will be delivered on the 20th. As the fifth iteration of one of the best-selling fitness wearables, the Apple Watch and its suite of apps focus on user fitness, biometrics and health research. The Watch Series 5 will have an always-on display while delivering, Apple says, the same all-day, 18-hour battery life as previous models. It’s something other watches have had, and we’re excited to see it come on the Apple Watch.

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