You might have missed it but Apple just released a pretty big update update to its Maps app. We will tackle the best features below but it’s safe to say that the app is now faster and of course provides better travel details. That said not sure the new features are reasons to use Apple Maps as your main navigation but it is enough to give it a try, at least on short trip.

The new Maps program shows streets, parks and big buildings, homes, small businesses, and places that might be of interest. It is more detailed than Waze but not yet on the level of a Google Maps offers. Where it does outshine Google Maps is with its integration of indoor maps of malls and airports. Now here are the three features I think will really make you take a second look at Apple Maps.

Collections to Plan trips

Stay with me while I try to explain this new feature. Let’s say you’re planning a trip to New York City from Washington, DC, you will be able to research where you want to go ahead time within Apple Maps. I do this on Google Maps already. (I heard your say out loud) The difference is now you can save a those places of interest you want to visit (such as Bryan Park, museums, SoHo and restaurants) to a list, and then share that list. Then they’ll be able to go into Maps and see where exactly those places are to meet you or warn you to stay clear. Apple is calls this feature “collections.”

Share your ETA

Frankly not sure why this was not in Apple Maps from day one however this feature is really going to be used a whole lot by anyone that uses Maps. I use this feature in Waze all the time. When in Maps, you can now hit “Share ETA” and share that route with somebody else. Just like Waze it will show them your estimated time of arrival in real time as traffic changes.

Commute better, faster and more effectively

Maps app is integrated with real-time transit information. That means it will be able to give you detailed transit schedules, live departure times, arrival times, the current location of a bus or train en route. I mean According to Apple anyway. I have to test this feature to see if it is as good as the third party app Moovit.

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