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If you own a Windows Mobile Device and you love twitter chances are that you have a mobile twitting program. There are two that are at the top of the pile that I will briefly review today.

Right off the bat both offer a rich graphical interface that is a welcome change from Twittday.
After using both of these great products I think that PocketTwit takes in terms of options that are offered to the user.

PocketTwit allows you to have multiple users. Check the timeline of anyone using Twitter, set up groups to send Twitts to, follow or unfollow right from the program. The speed is very fast but with the intensive graphic use I recommend an unlimited data plan.


Twikini starts up very fast and allows for updating the AIP at set amount of times. Some features that I think are a must that were missing were from Twikini was that you have no control over how much cache you want to store and where to save it. There is also no option for auto scroll it get real annoying scrolling to the top to read new tweets. PocketTwitt has these features and much more. So for me it’s a better fit but if you are not a power Twitter go with Twukini.

By Rubens Saintel

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