While you were watching football a protest was growing in Brooklyn. Members of the Occupy Wall Street took over the Brooklyn Bridge this afternoon. The protest caused massive traffic delays. The cops had agreed to let the protesters use one side of the bridge but must have forgotten. When protesters were half way over the bridge they started to be arrested. The arrests marked the second Saturday in a row the protesters had issues with the cops.

Over 700 were arrested today and just last week cops arrested about 80 people near Union Square. There was lots of rage when a few women were pepper sprayed during the arrest. In this day of always connected, it did not take long to have a clip end up on the internet. The video helped bring attention to the movement. That might explain the turnout today despite the rain.

The members of Occupy Wall Street are not allowed to use megaphones so they have started to use the old school low-tech workaround; posters and the pass it along technique.


When one person speaks, they do it slowly, clearly and with a pause every few seconds. That ensures that everyone near the speaker can hear. Then they all repeat back what the speaker just said. This is repeated over and over until everyone hears the message. These guys care about the message. Some protesters camp out for weeks to hear the message. So even though there is rain, the media thinks you’re a joke and the police want to lock you up; they continue to press on.


If you are wondering how long will these protest last? One protester said “Indefinitely until change is made to the financial structure.” Good luck with that. Now don’t fooled. All these people who have occupied Wall Street are not there for financial protest. There are many causes that have gathered to protest. The local Financial District residents voted down a resolution against the protesters at a community board meeting. That is a clear sign that they are getting support.


Even with the support It’s unclear how long the Occupy Wall Street movement will continue. They just have too many hands in the pot to cook a whole meal. No one has come up with what conditions it would take to have the group clear out. Rumor has it that the group is willing stay at Zuccotti park all winter. I would be the first to doubt them but the group has been there since September 17th. The group is gaining momentum outside of New York as well. There are many protests that have been, are being held or are being planned in other cities.


By Rubens Saintel

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