For Microsoft to be make any kind of move in the marketplace dominated by Apple’s iPad; they will have to price it right. That is the single biggest hurdle that all manufactures seem to miss. There are some exceptions. The HP TouchPad became a run away hit after the fire sale hat lowered the price to $99. Amazon’s Kindle Fire has sold incredibly well since launch. There are claims as high as 2 million sold weekly.

What the Windows 8 based tablets need to do is not only have a lower pice point but also offer the same if not better features than the iOS Apple iPad 2. If that is not hard enough, you have to have enough applications in your AppStore to make the device easy enough for a child to use; yet robust enough to keep the interest of the fickle tech savvy early adapters.


The tablet that was used at the the last Microsoft press conference to feature a CEO as a keynote at CES was running on an Nvidia chip. The new Tegra 3 processor for mobile devices to be exact. From what I see at the keynote it ran Windows 8 without so much as a hiccup. The Tegra 3 uses the ARM architecture rather than the Intel based architecture. With this development it is clear that Microsoft is serious about users having the same Windows experience regardless of the device they own.

Although I think the real winner in the tablet wars wont be Apple, Google & Microsoft. It will be the chip manufactures. Nvidia is the largest stand-alone maker of PC graphics chips and with its Tegra 3 the line between what can be done on desktop versus a tablet becomes truly blurry. Take for instance the Asustek Transformer Prime tablet-and-PC hybrid. Combined with Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich and the Tegra 3 this device is a computer capable of running full 60 frame HD games. Tegra 3 will also start to show up Lamborghini and cars being made by Audi. So in the end Windows 8 may not be enough to crack the tablet market because it is not staying still enough for a big company like Microsoft to figure out. They are a software company above all.

By Rubens Saintel

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