When you hear the Hackstore; the first thing that comes to mind i s well…Hacks. That however is not the case with this off the grid store.  HackStore is one  a centralized place  for third-party developers of  OS X applications to showcase applications that Apple will not approve. This of it as  Cydia but for software. Cydia is the alternative to app store on your jailbroken iDevice. Apple may not approve of jailbreaking or the Cydia store but that has not stopped them from blatantly stealing ideas from its developers. The most recent example is Wifi Sync for the iPhone. It was such a good idea that Apple incorporated it into iOS 5. They even kept the same logo that the developer came up with.

The point is that alternative app stores are where developers can get their apps out into the world. Its a way around the wall garden that Apple has setup. Also known as Apple’s approval process. The developers of Hackstore say that piracy will not be tolerated in their app store. Although just like Cydia, there are a lot of “crack” repos. If you want to give the  Hackstore a try. You can Download it for the Mac OS X.

By Rubens Saintel

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