The Walt Disney Studios who owns Marvel; announced that “The Avengers” made $200.3 million in its domestic debut May 4-6. The movie Hulk Smashed previous records to become the highest-grossing domestic debut of all time. The global box office gross for the film is an estimated $641.8 million over 12 days in release.

The film had second highest single day of all time at $80.5 million and the highest Saturday’s box office gross of all time with $69.7 million. Not only is this movie making money hand over fist but its actually a very good movie. Critics gave it a perfect A+ CinemaScore. Marvel’s The Avengers is good enough for the fanboys and well written enough for any age to enjoy.

It’s not just the America that is love with the Avengers. Internationally it had the biggest Marvel opening weekend ever in Russia with $17.9 million, China with $17.4 million. The biggest opening weekend of all time in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Central America, Bolivia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Philippines

The film’s success only means one thing, sequels. Lots of money making sequels. The following films have them on the way; Captain America is due April 4, 2014. Thor in 2013, and Iron Man on May 3, 2013. I’m sure Walt Disney Studios is glad the scooped up Marvel.

By Rubens Saintel

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