Facebook is set at $38 with a valuation of $104 billion.  I have been telling people to put a little money away every paycheck just so they can buy this stock. Yes, Facebook is not Google. In that it’s pretty money focused regardless how it affects it’s users. This thing is going to make money. The only question is how much money will it make.



Opens at $42 down to $39


8:56am ET May 18, 2012 (Dow Jones)

Registration Effectiveness Orders Issued By The SEC
The following table includes registration statements and post-effective amendments that were declared effective by the Securities and Exchange Commission on the most recently completed business day.
The Securities Act of 1933 requires companies offering securities to file a registration statement with the SEC that discloses material facts for investors. The SEC staff reviews registration statements and declares them “effective” if companies satisfy the disclosure rules.REGISTRATIONS EFFECTIVE AS OF May 17, 2012IPO:
Facebook, Inc. (FB)
File Number: 333-179287
Date of Original Registration: 2/1/2012
Form Type: S-1
Securities Registered: $5,000,000,000 in Shares Of Common Stock
Selling Holder: Yes

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  1. Facebook may be worth investing in sooner rather than later since the company continues to do a lot of groundbreaking IT innovation, and it tends to attract many of the smartest minds in the IT industry

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