We all know Facebook didn’t have the great IPO that it and I hoped for. That however has not stopped them from moving forward on the FacePhone. Alright I maybe exaggerating just a little. There are no plans for a phone from Facebook. They just happen to keep adding fire to the rumor mill. 1st was the  redesigned Facebook app itself followed by the App Center. Now they have taken one more very important step.  They have hired Apple UI Design Manager Chris Weeldreyer as the Product Design Manager at the company. Chris Weeldreyer  was with Apple for over 8 years.

This is not Facebook’s first Apple hire. In face according to TechCrunch, Facebook has over 90 former Apple employees. Only time will tell if this all pans out for America’s favorite family reunion site. It should be interesting to see will Facebook take the Amazon route and custom modify Android or will it make its own OS. It is one of the few companies big enough to get away with doing that.

By Rubens Saintel

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One thought on “Facebook Hires Apple UI Design Manager. Next step The FacePhone”
  1. Rubens,
    Nice article but you have something wrong.
    It will be branded facefone, not FacePhone and it will be big.
    Because seriously, who needs a Facebook if they have a facefone…


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