HTC Touch Pro 2

HTC Touch Pro 2

The Touch Pro 2 is a great phone so far but still lacks what it takes to be an iPhone killer.
Here are the cons of the phone:
1 : Apps
I know Windows mobile has way more apps than Apple has in the app store but its so spread out with so many different sources its nearly impossible to find what you want.

2: Multi media
The music store by Sprint is well setup but really no syncing companion for your computer what is the point? The camera although very sharp at 3.2 mega pixels does not have a flash. Why would you do that?

3: Extras
There are non. The TouchFlo 3D while way better than Windows; is still not up to par with iPod’s OS. I recommend installing SPB Mobile Shell 3 to help with the gap.

Now the Pro:
Video playback is as good as an iPod Touch. HTC has its on video player that natively plays many codecs without conversion software. Battery life is very good for a multi media rich phone. There is a built in 3.5 headphone jack. No need for an adapter. The keyboard is large enough for big fingers. The system is fast and responsive without the normal lag of a Windows Mobile OS.

This phone can do almost everything you can ask for but it is still no iPhone. In the end you will get what you want a phone that has great clarity, rich multi media, speed and sex appeal (yes, phones have it).

By Rubens Saintel

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