Its officially the last day of 2010. Yeah! So many countdowns are happening right now but here are some crazy number 1s.

  • Man of the year: kayne west (he has found redemption again until the next screw up. Its his nature. Its something that’s inevitable so I’m just going to sit back and watch. Lol)
  • Woman of the year: Lady gaga ( no studio album was produced this year from the crazy lady but her work towards gay rights this year was powerful!)
  • Album of the year: my beautiful dark twisted fantasy by kayne west. ( nicki minaj was a close second)
  • Sexiest man of the year: ryan reynolds ( the future ex of scarlett johanson)
  • Most anticipated show for next year: american idol
  • Biggest place to be to end 2010: the cosmopolitan hotel in Las Vegas (every celebrity is scheduled to be here for the grand opening which happens to be tonight so if your in the area go check it out!)
  • Celebrity of the year: robert pattinson (wtf! Please tell me what he has done besides act like a stoned/drugged out vampire for his acting carrear and his small part in harry poter doesn’t count and his solo movie “remember me” was a total box office bust. I’ve gotta see more to agree that he is celebrity of the year)
  • Douchbag of the year: jesse james ( he beat front runners mel gibson, lybron james, tiger woods, and leann rimes. That’s a pretty big accomplishment so congrats!)

RIP to all loved ones lost this year.

Have a great new year!
Faithless misery